Lead Life

Lead life within time till it comes to an end,

Love life often enough to find a new friend;

Look to God for all time to find out the truth,

Do what you can for what is needed as proof.


Life is for living so lead all you can,

To establish a way and follow the plan;

Write from your heart so it's all right ahead,

Lead life for a long time till you're finally dead.


Lead life in your own time to build up hope,

Rhyme run and have fun and be able to cope;

Walking or talking along the road of life,

Searching out the deep to stay out of strife.


Read and watch out what is happening to you,

Look out and believe for a love that is true;

Lead life knowing Christ and kneel to pray,

So that he will hear you and lead back the day.


Lead life with knowledge and plenty of thought,

Knowing the worth of all that you bought;

Lead life by giving to wherever you choose,

Lead life loving God so that you never will lose.


Well finally lead life for all to advance,

So you might manage life by more than a chance;

Lead life just so rightly, right up to the end,

So your problems are solved and in God depend.



Are you following.