Infinite Life

Like all numbers that add up the same,

Infinite life is the name of the game;

With meaning indifferent to words and their way,

People, plants and animals that live on all day.


Infinite life is, well let us take it to task,

With all of those things we beg for and ask;

And laughing at it all to have the money to pay,

As words in their lines are black, white and grey.


Infinite life is just having a grab at it all,

As time spins in space on this big earth ball;

And just as you think you have it all in control,

You're dead and you're done and fall in a hole.


Infinite life is the heart of God in the heavens,

In an atmosphere waiting for a few matching sevens;

And trucks and cars as they all pass in time,

Are driven by people who read poetry into rhyme.


Infinite life is a practical means to the end,

To Jesus who is waiting and who God calls a friend;

And if you're lucky and bet and have a guess at it all,

You'll be the one wanting when he's made his call.


Infinite life is a second to a particular response,

To the wide world of skies and all beauty beyond;

So if you've now read it and are out on a limb,

Renounce all your pleasure and in turn die to him.



Eternal gratitude.