A Type of Truth

A type of truth is really not truth at all,
For it is not until you get you're facts right that you can prove it is so;
With precision and accuracy we aim to make sense of it all,
But the fact of the truth is, that it is interchangeable with a lie,

What I am trying to say is that there is no sense in telling lies,
But in all way acknowledge God and see the truth in the skies;
For heaven on earth is a big lie when there is money in the bank.
And millions think that they are happy having money to spend and thank.

So what is truth? Can you really write it all down just right,
Do you really have to acknowledge God to see it all in the light;
What weighs us down most times is that sometimes we know best,
And forget about the weight and the weight of all of the rest.

We fake it easy, thinking we are good and have done all the work,
While others who are not lazy work hard just to find the right work;
And while we think that we have got it all and others are at work,
We rest on all our morals and forget that retiring is hard not easy.

For the best is yet to come for the rest of your life to the end,
And that is really a type of truth that can really be you're best friend;
Then that type of truth is hard to accept and back to work we go,
To find a friend as the type of truth as the one whose best to know.

So really what have we made of it and is a type of truth right for you,
Can you see the sense in it and would you sell everything you had for it;
Would you really dare to believe that the truth is the best thing on earth.
And that the type of truth you are seeking for might be second best but worth.


God's Sense