Love And Sex

Love is a beautiful thing and so is sex in a marriage,
Where a relationship is right and a family beautiful in sight;
But people treat sex as a common sin and casual affair,
When God wants people to be perfect and right praying in prayer.

Love is a gift and a hard thing to earn, sex just takes seconds,
For romance and a relationship where partners passion perfections;
A quality of life and a real meaning to live with the right truth,
That the facts of life are not spoilt but in real life delight proof.

Love is a great thing and God is the greatest of them all,
Sex can be very meaningful but when illicit is an unjust gain;
Truth and conception and you have the beauty of children being born,
No the dirty deception of sexual adultery and adulterer porn.

Love is the beauty of two people forming naturally a close bond,
Falling in love together to make love together loving sex so fond;
But the relationship of marriage must have commitment and time,
Where words of true love, form in romantic poetry and rhyme.

Love is very special for the perfection of two hearts beating,
Falling in love together, where sex forms the lasting common bond;
Dinner in the evening, and a sweet candlelight love affair,
Beauty in the morning from loving married partners coming true.

Love is from God and sex a means for new reproductions,
For people of the human race who really love God very much too;
And living loving cherishing all the very best things here on earth,
That a baby can be born from sex, making the whole life really worth.


Grace & Faith