Beautiful as it is with all things concerned,
The love and the price to pay for everything you've earned;
The love and the cherish of what's sacred and precious,
The value and worth of what all people are measured.

The eye and the mind from the brain in your head to your heat,
The good things of life are for all people who are smart;
And the wisdom of the years and the tears of the past,
Are longing and loving for all the good things that last.

Life is indeed the name of the game for our pleasure,
Where counting the limits at a level for each person's treasure;
And God gave the gift did start and must finish,
For in life it is fair to say that you will die or diminish.

Now there's several good factors and reasons to live,
That in know what's good to get we can have gave what we give;
For keeping all the things that you're stored up in heaven,
Is like being responsible for hell at age on hundred and seventy seven.

Now the sun is quite brilliant and shines down on earth,
Where the trees and flower grow and all the water is worth;
For years come and go but time lives on in the eternal,
Where life is in the past and the future breathing the funeral.

So look up to the skies and thank God from your heart,
That the pleasures he grants us to old age from babies start;
This gift of life which is really a blessing to all,
Is favored and granted to each both tall and small.


Stay out of Strife