Words Written In Verse

So I suppose you want to compose it to suit yourself,
Words written in verse that rhyme, I can't reverse myself;
Continuing down the page, while I am on the subject,
It's really every man for himself and what you're trying to project.

More or less what I am trying to say is give it a go,
That words would work their way into it and rhyme and flow;
Like what you want and I want is to sit and to know,
That I can write in heaven and my money will grow.

Words written in verse are as simple as a complex text,
Where the contents like the context contests what's next;
As words come to mind and I write them down on lines,
The continuity of logic starts to dwell and fill my mind.

For the love and beauty of written words that rhyme,
Are really a joyous blessing and give us all more time;
For the purity of the holiness and the perfect words that give,
Our hearts a touch of mercy and beat the grace to live.

For life is like words in poetry that answer hidden meanings,
That when typed and corrected brilliantly conceal cleaning;
And reveal the new and righteous thing we do for serving
That the try and goodness of living is all the more concealing.

So what we have here is words written down in verse,
Where the poetry is created and God will kill the curse;
For when the beauty of perfection comes and everything is right,
Words written down in poetry are the verse into the light.


Born Again