Individual Pursuit

When it is all said and done at the end of the day,
The name of the game is individual pursuit to pay the way;
It is a bit of a selfish Endeavour to indulge and explore,
When you think of yourself and you have explain how you're sure.

When it seems that is all about pleasure and purpose,
As I am sure that the need arises and has started to surface;
For the people and planning and the budget to meet,
Individual pursuit is being happy and tidy and neat.

Now most people think that money is the name of the game,
And that getting as much as you can will turn into fame;
God gives the glory to those who learn how to care,
And that is successful and must be answered in prayer.

For like the sunshine's brightly to lead forth the day,
With individual pursuit it is ambition to go your own way;
For each of us are concerned about what we are doing,
In our own kind of way and where we are going.

If I insist on achieving only what I do desire,
The answer is self interest and learning how to acquire;
For the belief in the self is a Godless set of advent,
And you would not like to achieve God taking offence.

Now when it is all said and done at the end of the day,
And you're individual pursuit has led you to say what you say;
All of the truth and all of the gray goes its own way,
And you are left on the shelf with individual pursuit that OK.


First Witness