To Write Ideas

To write ideas I like to know what I am doing;
To see clearly what is needed a fulfill ideas so really;
What I mean to say is that I like to come up with new ideas,
So I have to write when down so that you will see ideas clearly.

To write ideas you have to understand what you really mean,
To express yourself with knowledge of what's read, so to be seen;
For with writing new ideas you must have a memory of the past,
That the new and beneficial will make and be well used and last.

To write ideas for people to read what is right for them,
You have to make the point clearly so that they see it then;
For when you read about it, the new ideas will come on when,
You have found out what the need is and designed it with your pen.

To write ideas I mean really you just must come up with them,
That people will see what's needed and the clearly write of then;
For once they understand to write them, new ideas I will see when,
They are written down for me to read and I can write it all again.

To write ideas is very easy, all you need to do it think and read,
That how you write them down, is how you understand why you lead;
For when the situation turns around and comes back to you,
The new idea you have written will be ready to rewrite true.

So write ideas again I ask you, have you read between the lines,
Have you following very closely down the page as the words return;
For really it is very nice to write down new idea for you,
But what you know you now knew and you can write ideas to.


An oldie but goody