Cleverly Written

Well I now want to try and be smart and see things are cleverly written,
It is not as easy as all that and in fact being intelligent is quite hard;
There is no doubt about it though, there is always more money on earth.
And the thing is just where to put it all when the bark is about to burst.

You have to see things flow like a river to the right and to the left,
And that could be something floating downstream, some people might call theft;
You see again that when things go missing like you're robbed all the time,
Things that are cleverly written price the crime from within you're rhyme.

Well I guess it seems that I am trying to make money out of all of that,
And that would be cleverly written like water off a ducks back;
As that could be brown to me or a swan that is white or black,
We will see t it goes up or down the creek and finds the bank and track.

Well when it's duck weather and the season is looking like that,
One gets kind of quaint and hungry so keep it under your hat;
You see the quick and the dead are picking and you need to lock in that,
And if you have caught the duck and eaten it, put a feather in your cap.

Well I guess at the end of the day there is a smart else to beat them all,
Who like me could be a dumb bum and not sure whether tall or small;
So when you have thought that you think things are cleverly written,
And you sit back and have a guess at them all, remember you're sitting.

Like if it was sitting in a city and sinning not running about at all,
I would probably be driving a car to the office and get a mobile call;
Well I think that was cleverly written or at least smart enough for me,
So if you think you can do any better, write one for me to see.


Could be better