Fire Control Department

It seems like you need prayer for everything,
Where the wind blows and where the rain falls;
These things we count on to be certain at all.

When the spring comes and weather starts to heat up,
With those annual fire calls till summer is up;
And autumn things cool and the weathers enough.

Or whether the trigger is for fire at all,
And whether the weather on our life will call;
These are the things that make us feel small.

Or if your jobs on the line don't wait for the fire,
Put it all out with the rubbish to those who enquire;
And just depend on the lord for things to stand tall.

And when all the worry about fire at all,
Will burn in your head and make your engine stall;
Think on the things of excellence and all above all.

So use up your energy wisely so there's no fire at all,
But be understanding and independently on call;
For in life fire best burns in the heart with passion and gaul.


Put it and quench it