Well Now Where

Well now where do we go from here,
The earth so big for things to appear;
So much to be done for it all to come true,
In fact this is like something I thought I knew.

Well now where, I don't know do you,
You might find out and then tell me too;
If I really know, then you just well might,
Want to go where I am if things are right.

Now I don't know where but I'll have a guess,
At what's wrong and right and I need to confess;
For it's in knowing the truth where you dare to persist,
And beat all the bad and things that resist.

Well now where to we go from Easter to Christmas,
Sure God will know for by now he's missing us;
For that will never do and he wants us to find,
His grace and his mercy and full peace of mind.

So now we know where and how do we get,
Our lives out of trouble and house out of debt;
Well it was explained in the last stance and words and time,
That the place where we're going will work out just fine.

Well now where do I go now things are accomplished,
It's a place called heaven that's a competition;
For only those who get there did the right thing on earth,
And will relive every memory from their souls from their birth.


You finally made it