So what of this box we all sit and watch,
Are we really taking care to chalk up a notch;
We sit and we sit but where do we go,
In a world of make believe or real that's to know.

There's shows and there's sport and there's current affairs,
But life in the lime light is not without tares;
For it makes us a bit lazy and not sure of things,
As it leads us to see what songs people sing.

With much pleasure and ease we put up our feet,
As we settle in a mood to find new stars to meet;
Take it or leave it but it's been a real winner,
As I come home from work to relax after dinner.

Television is not a game but is a serious thing,
As your life's on the line as the phone starts to ring;
Its colour and great to flick around the channels,
Like reading in a bath with soap centred flannels.

Check out the ads so you can want to buy,
And don't even worry if you have to still try;
For television is great for all to enjoy,
Because it's like a new car to a house with toy.

Believe in the future and live in the present,
As the past just fades away like the morn in a crescent;
Look for the idea that leads you to fame,
For in the television world that's the name of the game.