A Little Bit Nice

A little bit nice this girl I like,
Kind soft and gentle and full of life;
A little bit nice to ask her out,
Full of sugar and spice or perhaps a doubt.

A little bit nice I falling in love,
Dreaming of marriage a true gift from above;
A little but nice, too good for me,
But lovely to think how good it would be.

A little bit nice romance and all that,
Dressing up for dinner in a suit and a hat;
A little but nice so much truth to it all,
Perhaps it will happen perhaps she will call.

A little bit nice I'm floating on air,
She's so very lovely and still wants to care;
A little bit nice I'm going to win,
She's playful and fun loving with just a hint of sin.

A little bit nice, she comes from good stock,
She's intelligent too and I'm try hard to lock;
A little bit nice how on earth couldn't it be,
Things falling in to place I think I've found the key.

A little but nice we succumb in the end,
The most perfect marriage with this new found friend;
A little bit nice a taste all so sweet,
Passion that burns and makes my heart beat.


If I should be so Lucky