A Million Golden Words

A Million golden words of things about life,
Of autumn leaves of colours rich dying without strife;
And beauty falls into the lamb of new life in spring,
As heaven knows and freedom trusts it's such a glorious thing.

Like seasons change and summer comes and goes away,
And the land of sand and beaches rich find another day;
We go into the winter love of snow so white and bright,
As we touch the realms human heart and live by human light.

And there's a girl who sill s that treasures place of understanding night,
Who comes into my life to love and be my wife each night;
As the miracle of human life can reproduce the children right,
And fill the missing gaps of truth that teach our young and growing youth.

And when the time comes to an end of finding truth and finding friends,
Then comes unto us by the day the turn and twisting of making mend;
A new and glorious brilliant hope of how the best must beat and cope,
To the coming into of new understating of living and loving with human changing.

As this miracle of life will never ever cease to amaze me,
The love of God and ceaseless truth of finding other days;
And when it comes and goes and winds the new and present time,
Into the turning twisting time of uncertainty in rhyme.

And the new and dawning golden sun rising from the east,
Will repent it's course a million times of revolutions without cease;
Until it sets each day in the west to give us the best of life,
And we are filled with human day and love suns brightest light.


This turn of chance