I love my mother she's so deep and caring,
In all her life she lives and loves sharing;
She so special to me because she loves me,
And I know that in her heart she gives me life free.

I thought I should think to return things to her,
From a prayer I heard prayed in words kind that were;
And you know there's one thing you can never replace,
It's my mother's faith that in time I see age face.

And her wrinkles appear but in time disappear ,
As her smile lifts me up in a happiness idea;
If she speaks a word I m8ust remember what I heard,
Because she is worth more than a robin or wren bird.

And there's a rose I've in mind to put on her grave,
That one day when forever I am no longer to save;
It's red and royal rose of the blood that's in me,
That the life that I have is a part life from she.

And there's no further way that can be special to say,
To express from my heart a new word each day;
That might be understood by my mothers in time,
So that it could fit in this line and turn in my rhyme.

Well thank you very much for listening as such,
And thank you for the ironing and washing and giving me lunch;
For there's no nicer mother in the whole of the world,
Than my very dear mother who gave meaning to the word.