I Cried In A Hole In The Corner

I cried in a hole in the corner, I could not find my way out,

I was in so much trouble, there was no hope, no future, but only doubt;

I could not imagine this ever happening to me, but this is what I did,

I cried in a hole in the corner, and there cramped up and tight I hid.


It was terrible you know, absolutely the worst feeling in my life,

I was tormented and twisted by torturing myself, putting me in strife;

It was a matter of trying to decide the best route to take for me,

But I could not decide which way to make out the road to be free.


I tried to see clearly where God would have me led away home,

And I was feeling claustrophobic and the direction he pointed was Rome;

So I dwindled in the distance, dawdling along the path and road of life,

Then I cried in a hole in the corner, because I could not see the light of light.


Then Jesus put his hand on me and reached down into the depth of my despair,

And prayed over me silently in a sweet soft voice in prayer;

I was overcome with grief and emotion and knelt myself to pray,

I cried in a hole in the corner a prayer to repent all my sin away.


I said Jesus if you really love me, you can heal me of this pain,

You can make me well again and teach me to love and love again;

I said father if you're listening to me, please accept this from my heart,

And shine your loving spirit deep into these darkest parts.


I cried in a hole in the corner, thinking only of me, myself,

And you my father rescued me, when Jesus came into my very heart;

I love you then so dearly, that you would send you're to appear to me,

And I stood up and walked and went back in the fold of your love.




Gracious Lord