Seeing and Hearing

Seeing and hearing are two essential requisites in life,

Now it is important to see and listen and hear what is said,

To understand clearly the difference between seeing here and where;

Knowing why I want who to say and need the right persons ear.


With persistence and perseverance we have patience for learning,

Knowing the bigger picture is better for seeing without resistance;

But to combine and unite the two with a quality of wholeness,

We must follow and serve the Lord with kindness and holiness.


Incidentally if you're richer by acceptance, acknowledgement is for,

In order to create a poor nation economically with too much law;

The doctor needs his stethoscope to listen and hear each beat,

That through walking and talking he may know if we eat our feet.


From here to then and now, when all else seems to fail,

And God is at your door putting in the final nail;

Get down and beg forgiveness for ever thinking you could win,

Because if you never hear or listen, God will always see you're sin.


So now we’re seeing and hearing correctly and have learnt how to listen,

Tea and coffee is served and we need to talk about little things,

Cheesecake or chocolate will contain and be content to concentrate,

So if you see exactly what I mean and earn to here and I want.


I must of eaten something and I am getting hungrier for the taste,

I mustn’t think about it too much smelling and for feel,

Now I am not racing but I want to sit back and enjoy the train,

Because bananas are for eating and seeing and hearing the rain.




The Judgment senses