Eternal Water

Eternal water, so fresh and pure, that it might love us to its source,

Along the winding river bank, to reach its destination along its course;

Of metaphoric parallels the intermingle in the meaning of our care,

As if it gives life through it's so such nourishing drink of prayer.


Eternal water such as blessing of rushing refreshing, life of love,

And God has granted peace to men, through poem and promise of above;

As this prayer goes down from within my pen to a place ill know then,

To return to when and which I come, as in life it is good to know when.


And things are perfect with this gift of life, to quench the thirst,

Of words and strife that hinder, hither, the heart and mind to burst;

And it is really a beauty to swallow down to the pallets’ gullet cry,

For like a breath of still fresh air to fill the lungs and try the sky.


For with precipitation rain will fall, the eternal water for us all,

And as it rises to the sky in evaporation for condensations fall;

Eternal water is renewing again to fill out live with joyfulness,

For the peace if plenty and abundance is, the aim of truthfulness.


Well in life it is a necessity for all the dry and wet of all,

That the earth should have enough of this delight in the right places on call;

And God will tell where it should be, with grace and mercy to glory be,

For all will know and all will tell where and when it's need free.


But hope has time for sinners ear and the drink of death draws us near,

With the alcoholic beverages of spirits, wine and drink of beer;

Now eternal water is the answer, to health and wealth and chancer,

Where sickness kills us when we fail, eternal waters life is a dancer.




Slowing Free