The Sunny Knight

The sunny knight was half asleep, sleeping though the day,

When God looked down to bless him and then he turned to pray;

The sun was shining brightly on the other side of the earth,

And day had turned to night and night to day was worth.


He was wearing golden armor to shine the light along the way,

And God had given him the spirit to protect those who evil prey;

He was risen in the morning to the dawn of the light of day,

And the knight rose from the night to go out and find the kind my.


The sunny knight was glorious in all his victories and defeats,

As he beat each one and every completion in all humble conceit;

God gave him the victory because his heart was right,

And he would fight for freedom and peace in the truth and light.


He left his only love for the pursuit of being king,

The sunny knight whose castle was his treasure only ting,

And the woman who wore the crown, held his heart at bay,

As all considered him worthy for the first on the thrown all day.


He was considered useful because he lead the blind man home,

Where the lost and diseased predator, he’d heal from wayward roam,

He’d follow and he’d serve and he’d lead a school of men,

For this sunny knight shone down from heaven in words within my pen.


Now God has given him the right to find a wife to pay,

Who will love him and cherish him and show her lovely way,

For the better man was beaten by the woman he could trust,

And she has taught him romantically the passion of the curse.




Brilliant mind