Bread and Biscuit

Well who is welcome to sweep up the crumbs under his table,

Was it I who made the mess or is that just some kind of fabel;

Some label you are trying to pin on me, but it won’t work this time,

Because with the bread and the biscuit, it is a bit of a tall story in rhyme.


A billion little biscuits and the bread is money made of doe,

But they are sweeter for eating after the baking in making now;

Well one will make you rich and the other make you very poor,

For all the wealth is in the health and selling, for each pour.


Now make up your mind just for yourself or you’ll be rottenly ruined,

With the little tea or coffee we drink with German bread is in the brain, rained;

For the luxury of everything is broken by the downpour on the train,

Because the cat has got your tongue and the cart was put before the horse in vain.


Now with bread and biscuits, it is really a nice way to relax,

While the big companies are baking them, Mum put businesses to tax;

Because they got the recipe passed down along the lines of time,

And Dad ate the profits, while God was the prophet of rhyme.


So give the biscuits to Santa Claus and Bunnies at Easter time,

Because he ate the cookies and drank the milk in prime mime;

For bread and biscuits were tradition since the very first year,

Since candy and cake were baked and we all forgot the fear.


So next time you go to the shop and buy yourself a packet of biscuits,

Remember they don’t grow on trees like money for the washing basket;

For the dough has got to be baked daily and they get up before dawn,

So thank you mum and dad for bread and biscuits and God will have a yawn.



Yes you are.