Aim To Please

Granted we all find time to do what we like,
But do we aim to please those others in life;
We wear a hat for nearly every occasion,
Whether black, red, yellow or co-occasion.

You must have a goal in which to aim,
As we have to plan in life, if we're to stay in the game;
For how will we get there with no end in sight,
If we fail to plan then how can we be right.

Aiming to please is so easy you see,
For when we all unite we all will agree;
So it must end up that in all things we trust,
And don't breach our contract which will end up in dust.

Aiming to please so other's can find a sequel,
But remember in love, so that all things are equal;
And cherish those people who can't find the light,
So they might see and keep in mind their sight.


Good to see