Man must right to his God and his soul,
As if he can detect this word and respect as a goal;
Respect gives us the desire to satisfy the mortal heart,
Rejecting it would not in the end be real smart.

Why do we just throw all favour to the wind,
It's not as if it's all I've done and sinned;
But ion the contrary to overcome what's wrong,
I must but cherish and respect what's been around so long.

Respect is important in this city of buildings green,
That's if you treasure and fathom what I really mean;
You must have a kindly love and hope for your fellow man,
But deep in your heart respect is the right residing plan.

So stick out your chest and suck in your gut.
Is a common way to get yourself out of the rut;
For respect is a passion for what's finer in life.
Like the duty and privilege of taking a wife.


Dare not disrespect