Going Out

You start with an idea inspired to go,
It's like to a place in the night where you dare to show;
It's like planning an evening you expect to thrill,
So you get all dressed up and arrive there at will.

It's such a magic feeling as you pass through the door,
With waiter on your right and women on the dance floor;
You dance till your heart is completely contented,
With lights in your eyes as if flirting intended.

With a glass and a half you put down your drink,
When a girl takes your fancy you then start to think;
You talk till the hour of time has gone by,
And walk out the door as a star set to try.

So on the way home you stop for a walk,
And finish your sentence as you humble and talk;
And kiss her just right, your both heart beats pound,
You make you way home to finish the night.

And again kiss her beautifully out under a light,
You make your next date and magic appears;
As you write down her number, to expect to draw near,

As Christmas comes at the end of the year.

Of course you ring back to confirm the next date.

And hope that you've found the one you will mate,

For not very after and usually again;
Until you will find this event with a real perfect ten.


The romantic