I Believe

I Believe

I believe that out there in world about,
There is love to be found you cannot doubt;
I believe that if I pray to God,
He'll hear every word and grant what I want.

I believe that people are basically good at heart,
In fact they're intelligent and clever and smart;
I believe that seasons change according to the time,
And that through our love of Jesus Christ God's in every line.

I believe that faith is special and God leads me to the end,
And that there's Grace and mercy and a right to make a friend;
I believe that God is love and wants to see me married,
And I believe in eternal salvation and all my sins are carried

I believe in heave above all I cannot see,
And I believe in magic and only being me;
I believe in everything and everyone that's passed,
And I believe of all I brotherhood something that will last.

I believe in life and death and seeing being in nature,
And believe in standing tall and that man should show his stature;
I believe in finding love in anything at all,
And I'll believe it's time to go when God has made his call.

I believe in making sense when all seems wrong and silly,
And I believe in crying in private over something willy nilly;
And I believe that there's paradise when all is dark and dim,
And I believe in forgiveness and turning back to him.

I believe there's someone special for each and every one of us,
And is found in opposition to causing trouble and fuss;
I believe that when I go to bed at night,
The love between the sheets is part and is right.

I believe a blade of grass was made,
And will be part of a glen and glade;
I believe in crystal clear water in the streams,
And I believe in drinking it and it turning into dreams.

I believe starting again and looking at each and everything a new,
And I believe that romance when God designed will always come true;
I believe in lonely nights and walks along the beach,
And I believe that in denying God is only trying to teach.

I believe if I believe I will see the truth,
And I believe there is every reason and every living proof;
I believe in many things and many more I knew,
But most of all I believe in someone else and that someone else is you.