Well I net you a dollar there's nothing funny,
About sitting around without any money;
You see nothing will come without any work,
And if you're crazy or bored you'll end up a buried.

Money is bough and money is sold,
Money is godly and money is gold;
Money is for to go out and spend,
Money is trouble if you turn round and lend.

Money makes money when you put it in the bank,
Money is lovely when you learn now thank;
Money compounds with interest I'm told,
When you invest it and then it grows very old.

Money I'd for people to live every day,
Money is for the homeless to god do we pray;
Money is for is for food whether we eat out or stay at home,
Money is for travelling to where over you may roam.

Money is a miracle in this and age,
Money is simple when you put pen to page;
Money is for romance in God do we trust,
Money is for change when you do and die or bust.

Money is for beauty and all to adore,
Money is for business in which we emplore;
Money is for building we all need our home,
Money is for giving as the waves make their foam.

Money is for people who end up broke,
Money if for being and speakers who spoke;
Money if for signing to singers we hear,
Money is for security so no one will fear.

Money is for those who can't help themself,
Money is for buying that thing on the shelf;
Money is for all who add up a sum,
Money is for sport and not only for some.

Money is for kindness in things that you've done,
Money is from a book that appears to have none;
Money is for making and learning to sue,
Money is to me not what to confuse.

So money is a special kind of things in our life,
Money will help as well as get you in strife;
But most of all money is something I like,
For money can buy things so you don't have to hike.