Carefully, cautiously, caring caution to the wind,

Everything right and nothing perfectly sinned;

In every case you have got to have caution to win,

And show caution in everything you do so things don't sin.

Caution is to be learnt and caution is to be taught,

In doing everything properly and just properly as it ought;

Don't get caught being too cautious all of the time,

But show some caution in all the things you do and rhyme.

Better to be more cautious than show no caution at all,

Sometimes it's better to show no caution at all;

Being cautious shows caution in the things that are important,

And where there is no caution there is a portion of leadership in us all.

Contemplating caution can be too cautious to be careful,

Being too caring is confidence in being cautious with competence;

So when the property of caution need to be cautious of care,

Caution is completely giving caution for the care of the prayer.

Complaining about caution is completing with cautious care,

And the diagnosis of caution is like the oxygen in the air;

And nobody complains about all the caution with care,

Because it gets under your skin and grows in your hair.

So caution is needed for wisdom not to throw sand to the wind,

But slowly let it slip through your fingers for the times that it sinned;

For when you watch the clock at an honest time money pay,

You will live through it all if you show caution all day.


It's not cactus