I Really Had to Try Hard


I really had to try hard to earn the right to the right of it,

I was raring to go and feeling fine fighting to be totally fit;

I wanted to overcome and win the world for God,

I needed the strength and courage to beat all the odd.

There was nothing on earth to stop me but I had to learn,

To defeat the impossibilities of negativity and positively turn;

It was extra effort and dedication and the humility to be,

To see what was in all the greatness and live a love so free.

It was perfect selection of the best that you could get,

The royal indication and know the proof with the facts to bet;

To understand the truth and see clearly visible answers,

That to remain undefeated I really had to trake my chances.

For the open arms of God were waiting calling me home,

And all that I could do was look to him and go on;

For natural selection was a one in a million choice,

And to choose the right relation was compatible in voice.

I really had to try to save my soul from the depths of hell,

Where everything in everlasting terms was where eternity was well;

And the good idea of living was a life lived at the top,

Where the love of reproduction was fulfilling like to a shop.

Now the friends and family or neighbours who helped me,

Will all go down in the book of life in paid in poetry;

And the thing I really had to try was to suffer and deny,

For I had to win the battle and beat myself and learn to fly.



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