All Organised

We turn from the leadership to the intensity of organization,

Where being all organized is the propensity of consideration;

When learning to have a heart fashioned to serve with passion,

Is the self reflection or organization for the brain to ration.

All organized, is the central concentration of being right,

Where the eye sees clearly and lungs breath by eye sight;

For the looking forward in faith, is the first, best thing to do,

And is the main requirement and the major need for it all the come true.

Like the wind through the pipes of the steel and wood organ,

Comes the breathing of love in hymns before creation begun;

And the choir of angels is singing in melodies harmony bright,

And the love is leading the atmosphere in heavenly rich delight.

And the system is rigged and all oragnised for all of us to win,

When we manage to work out the wrong and beat away all the sin;

For the perfect selection of the paradise victory of heaven over hell,

Is the self defeating anatomy of biological waste, want words worth well.

It's all organized in races and business and political circles,

Where God has control and faces people, being board baring circuits;

So when it all is said and done of how and why or what,

It is who has the victory and teaches you must learn all you've got.

For it's all organized to win and the win is a win indeed,

For those who take the time and effort to start to read and lead;

As the moment of truth arrives when the earth goes around the sun,

And all the stars in heaven are with planets, still being all good fun.


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