Figure The Number

Figure the number and what is the letter,

The six, the nine, the seven, and you are a number;

The number of letters is the six, seven, and better,

For I know the figure and the number is a lot dumber.

The figure I know is the number I am about to disclose,

It's a combination of letters and numbers to really dispose;

There's two numbers to the figures and there in letters,

And you have to value them and get rid of them if worth getters.

The sixty six and seventy seven are a number to know,

And the figure you get is just to learn to grow;

The eighty eight and ninety nine are better than getting nothing.

The letters of the doubles are kind of twin pairs,

And they're special and meaning and nice to compare;

Now the number of letter are a hell of a figure to workout,

So the answer to this poem is really something to doubt.

I'm a bit sick of answering to all these stupid questions,

I think I will go to the beach and watch races like equestrian;

It is really easy to know the figure and number following the alphabet,

But to double the twelve you need to add two and multiply.

For a gross and a score is the double dozen times law,

The plenty of twenty and the birth of all the ships more;

Now I am setting to the last line that reveals the numbers truths,

Letters 125202051819 Numbers 142113251819 Figure is 69721185


666 and 777 left and right