The Prayer of Parsifal

The prayer of Parsifal is one for a mind of his own,

Which does not come easily to one who has wandered and known;

But by the spiritual path of the physical objective of his course,

To seek the grail from passages and messages to find it's source.

He prayed one day for a mind of his own, to understand wisdom,

And was given the lead to read and search in the way of freedom;

For the trail was narrow and hard to find, to the fishers kingdom,

And he has to rise above the devil, of all the confusing dominion.

So as the illustrious nature of human affair and women of want,

Who he has and made each maid of laxidasical slack haunt;

Which caused him to need, a special physician, to heal all of his ail,

And that was the fisher king who held the lust treasure of the Grail.

Now the mind is a thing of both simplicities and complexities,

Of understanding the verse and the amazement of the complacencies;

For the struggle and fight, is one of the mental head, held adversities,

Which now you learn and study, through knowledge in universities.

The prayer I ask has a certain amount of airs and graces to Parsifal,

Which he is aiming to pass, on into heaven and hell, to a place called, paradise,

For this is the mind that he seeks and desires to live through continually,

But the turmoil and turbulence is the trouble in this world of continuity,

So God led him to find the answer for this search and quest in life,

To drink from the grail, that the fisher king, would will, his heavenly delight,

For the water of Bavaria in between Germany's and Austria's land,

Were it's eternal in nature and flowed living through the pen of his hand.


Peace of Mind