The Mind of Parsifal

The mind of Parsifal is one of a schizophrenic lost state,

Who searched to find the grail and learn to study, read and relate;

Through aggravated thoughts of misunderstanding and materialist desire,

He would wander aimlessly and roam through country sides he'd require.

To acquire the mind of Parsifal is an unexpectantly poor ambition,

For all of the perfect people lack the ability for the decisions precision;

And the mind which is ultimately the hardest thing to try attain,

Is kept secret in each individual and each person's pursuit of brain.

Now in search of deep intellectual thought to know and tell,

To say and speak of his travels and readings for learning well;

He loves the lady maiden, who is the women he wants to marry,

To complete his quest and journey of life and unto which to carry.

The brilliant beautiful peaceful mind in which he seeks is hard to earn,

But must travel the road far and long and speak to people to teach and learn;

And it's this intelligent quest for truth and understanding of knowledge,

That drives his passion for romance and reproduction of life's foliage.

In metaphoric growing terms of seed, to sperm and greed and germ,

To germinated life's seed of people, to reproduce through book and worm;

The mark of the man, is cleanliness and Godliness for perfect purity,

Of which his passive masculinity and her femininity loses by taking virginity.

For the loneliest quest of truth and knowledge is the radiance of the light,

Through brightness deep and search of life, the sun, the sin, the medicine like;

Now to come right through from dark to light of schizophrenic state,

He must come out the other side, to righteousness from sexual mate.


To get Married