There is more to conscientiousness than first meets the eye,

When you're blinded by the light and it's a lovely heavenly sky;

It's completely neatly organized to see clearly exactly what it is,

And the thing that's really all about is the conscientiousness I call his.

So we're competing and complying with the procedure of this,

Where conscientiousness is understand this mind of what it is his;

For when we are cleaning out the cobwebs and sweeping it under the mat,

We are all aware of the tricks of the trade and getting away with that.

Conscientiousness you see is owning up to what you are doing wrong,

And doing things right once you are aware so you concertively live long,

For all the money in the world will never buy you happiness,

As long as there is a sin in your mind and in your heart you must confess.

Now the beauty of forgiveness is the peace of mind with God,

For all the goodness and the loveliness is beauty not so odd;

And all the pleasures and the treasure we all think we need,

Are not as pretty or wonderful as doing the right thing we read.

For the leadership of the conscientiousness will force it out,

All the things that we do wrong and all the better in what's true of you;

For heaven is where his majesty sits and the thrown as God,

And God will decide righteousness and judge the rotten odd.

Now the conscientiousness of knowing that you do all things right,

Is a positive force to reckon with and lovely to know and write;

As long as you continue to do all things in the truth and light,

For the best is yet to come in the mind and conscientiousness sight.


Quietly concentrating