The Ability To Think

Man has the ability to reason and think,
In hope that all things will start to link;
A brain is in his head and a mind to enjoy,
To understand the truth and work and employ.

With the logic behind, it still remains quite a mystery,
That a man with his intellect can think all through history;
Of the world after life and minds that passed through,
To think that in death, all life is anew.

Though sometimes we tend to stress ourselves out,
With so much to think of and trouble about;
When in life it's more important to have peace of mind,
To use your brain for what's in paradise and is in heaven and kind.

The truth of the matter is that we don't have a choice,
But share our knowledge and experience through the words from our voice;
For he who demands his own heavenly estate,
Is thrown out in the cold and left to relate.

The point as it may seem is to make as much as you can,
That to have money in the bank is mans earthly plan;
But there is a limit to growth and strife when you demand,
Because people need simple things in life which are often more grand.

Like the food that we eat, gives nourishment to live,
And world economics requires we share our money and give;
For poor indeed is a man, with no spirit to love,
That when you think with your heart it comes from God high above.


Thankyou God