The Price of Freedom

I can't believe the cost of freedom,
Freedom you say, that won't cost me a thing;
But love has a price and freedom it will bring.

I can't stand around and do nothing at all,
So I'm better off doing something and giving it away;
No matter what it costs or how much I pay.

You see the joy in life is loving someone else,
That even when you're joined you must know yourself;
And the lord turns and sees he'll make me be myself.

And when I look to heaven hoping that you there,
You look right down and back at me and invite me up the stair;
Because the price of freedom is well beyond compare.

As I said to you and I love you, I hoped you didn't mind,
For I wanted you to know how much that you'd been kind;
Because somebody told me once a smile is hard to find.

And when I grew up long ago and found out who I was into,
I thought I take a moment to make you are star;
So you could turn and see yourself and really know you are.

So the price of freedom was really far too great,
So I gave it all away and remembered all I ate;
And he turned to me and looked at me and said you're better to face your fate.


God paid a price