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Idea !!!

If you have appreciated Parsifal Enterprises,

You might like to make a gift!.

I have successfully opened a bank account, which I am now giving you the opportunity to donate to my work and efforts in the running of the website and for general reading of the books. If your kind heart is feeling generous enough, then you would perhaps like to contribute to the work and elleviate some of the pain and suffering that you may have seen me as Parsifal go through. This is only a voluntary thing and you should not feel at all imposed upon in any way to pay money unless you want to, this still remains a free website to the public, but some endeavours by me to recover costs for the work you all enjoy and for the love that goes into it, would be nice.

Well I hope that you embrace the new addition to the website with a donation section that you can now contribute and get behind the spirit of the work financially and see some of the previous and new work come into existance more quickly. This work will be on going indefinately and if you feel apart of Parsifal Enterprises as I am sure that a lot of you do by now, who have followed over the years or in and of more recent times. Then this is just a new opportunity for you to show some appreciation for what you have gained out of the website. Please don't feel sorry for me or patronise me in anyway, but you can show appreciation and participate in the glory of a set of heavenly insprired poems and academic literature that may have been your freind or inspired you in some wonderful way, so that you can cherish and share in that glory and fathom some of the love of God that he has shown through me over the years to you. God is a wonderfullly good God and money is only a vehichle that enables us to do more work for Him. I don't waste money and any contributions you give, you can be sure that they will be wisely used to magnify and glorify God's Kingdom.

If you would like to make a donation or contribution to this work, then you can make a direct transfer to my account. If you would like a guidline on amounts, $5 for reading a Poetry Book and $10 for a General Literature Book would be nice and acceptable, consider to the news as free to you, though any donations for my time and effort could be contributed between $20 and $100 annually or whatever you feel lead to make. Thankyou for your time and consideration and may you have a truly wonderful day. Darel.

Darel R McAllister---BSB 082141 Account Number 271680749


Hard Cover Book Publisher Wanted

I am looking for a publisher for my books to put them in print for sale in common bookstores, if you know anyone who can help or can e-mail my website address to any publisher then you might be able to own you own copy of my books in a nice hard covered book. This is also an advertisement for publishers which like through the faith I have in the internet with my website for being read, but there might be a publisher out their who thinks I am good enough for printed publication sales and take it upon themself to contact me. I have been looking for publishers and about twelve years ago when I had my first book printed, I had a lot of bad experience and was told I needed at least three books in print before they would even consider me and now I have 3 in print and 37 on the internet with another 15 on the way, so it is starting to get serious that their is actuially a market out their for me and I am being tempted to ask and apply for publishing. Please consider this an invitation to be published by a publisher and if you can shed some light on my ignorance for contacting publishers electronically please do so by clicking on the contact Darel on the bottom of the home page and drop me an e-mail with a list of publishers adrresses as I don't want to contact them directly myself now, but felt it is up to yuo to contact me, you as my readers are my best judge. Darel.

Poetry To Be Put To Music In Songs

I am now advertising for any clever person who composes music and would like to use the words of any of my poems for material in musical compositions. You would have to do justice to the work and offer me a share of the royalties for sales and concerts, but if you are willing and creative and you think that you can use the words or make something out of them musically for songs or theatre production or a concert, then please feel free to let me know and contact me for written approval. I am confident that the work is of a suitable quality and a standard that anything that you feel that you can use would be well recieved by the public in your musical composition. Thankyou for your time and interest and I look forward to any liason. Darel.

Partner Wanted to Wife

If you are 25- 55 and physically and intellectually attracted to me and I by you then I am interested in seeking a relationship to discover compatability and suitability for marriage. So if you consider yourself suitable and fit the characteristics of Perfect Partners below, then I am interested in talking to you and discussing common interests, goals and aspirations for a family and the enjoyment of a permanent lifetime relationship of love together. Ps. E-mail or phone. I am an Aries and a believer in God. Darel.


My books The Coming of Parsifal, The Return of Parsifal, Parsifal Rides Again in paper printed form. Are available for sale directly from me, $20 if I post one to you. 2 for $35 and 3 for $45. Allow for international Postage and time restraints. Extra $10. Click Contact Darel at the bottom of the home page.