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I have done The Zodiac Deciples which you can now have a look at. As I have said I am not really into Astrology, but there is some meaning in the Medieval Kingdom which pertains and relates to everyday life. The Twelve deciples of the Bible, like the twelve hours of the clock or twelve calender months of the year, they all have symbolic reflections and depictions in todays society and world. We like to think that we are like our Zodiac Deciple for some of us who party and socialize.Thomas Doubted, Peter Denied and Judas Betrayed, Jesus who is the central figure of Christains lives. Jesus has His own meaning in the Kingdom Of God and The Kingdom Of Heaven, but the modern day deciples who call themselves followers all want to be stars, just like Jesus would in The Southern Cross or Orion or the Zodiac Constellations The Deciples might represent, working towards the goal of more money and meaning. Of cource if we look at the 2,000 or more years since Jesus walked the earth, we have experienced a lot of history in that time, we have gone through the medieval kingdoms of knights and chivalry where Kings and Damsels were busy with their work of jousting and quests for artifacts like The Holy Grail and Excalibur the Sword. Parsifal fits into this picture quite nicely and the meaning of the years, like some of the Apocalyptic events of Revelations and Millenium Reign and so forth and so on are just there to entice and intrique our imaginations and stimulate our courage. I am not going to list all Histories events like World War 1 & 2. The list goes on and on and of mans accomplishments, they to are there as well, but suffice to say that a lot has happened in that time period. You could also look at prehistoric events of dinasaurs and cavemen and still wonder at the meaning of Adam and Eve in Creation verses the evolution theories of Scientists. Never The Less all these things give us meaning and The Zodiac is just another form of that and so as we look further and dwelve into the depth of that a bit further and in more detailed Psychological Studies, we will find intrigue and meaning out of the information knowledge available to us there. Parsifal still remains the wise fool and so he will have to watch himself that he does not get things wrong or go too far into the unknown areas of an unreal world and lose sight of the moral right. Darel.


Jesus was a Capricorn, Parsifal a Virgo, I am an Aries

1. Andrew - Libra

2 Thomas - Aquarius

3 Judas / Mathias - Gemini

4 James / The Less - Scorpio

5 John - Cancer

6 Simon - Picies

7 Phillip - Taurus

8 Nathanel / Bartholomue - Virgo

9 James The Great - Capricorn

10 Jude / Thadius - Sagitarius

11 Matthew - Leo

12 Peter - Aries


Libra 1 Leader with Virgo 8 Oganiser

Aquarius 2 Organiser with Capricorn 9 Leader

Gemini 3 Communicator with Taurus 7 Communicator

Scorpio 4 Leader with Leo 11 Organiser

Cancer 5 Organiser with Aries 12 Leader

Picies 6 Communicator with Sagitaries 10 Communicator

Parsifal Trivia

Horses and cups were also known as chargers in medieval days when they were after the chalice or cup of The Holy Grail. Chargers were also used in jousts were with a lance they would try and dismount the opposite rider when charging towards each other. Lancelot was King Arthurs right hand man and Percival ( Parsifal ) was Lancelots squire. They were to fight with the sword or flail once dismounted. Arthur had planted Excalibur his sword in a rock which only the best and most worthy knight could draw it, which Lancelot did. The squire looked after the horses while knights fought and carried the sword or helped with the placing on of the armour. Parsifal so legend has it, inherits Excalibur off Lancelot when he dies and goes looking for the sick fisher king who might have been Arthur, to become king with The Grail he sought and found to help heal the fisher king with his illness or ailment, by drinking the lifegiving and healing water from it, because as legend also has it, it came from Joseph Of Aremethea who claimed it after Jesus was dripping blood into it from the cross and of which it was used in The Last Supper as Jesus had the keys to the healing gift of eternal life. More Later. Darel.

PICTURES ON THE HOME PAGE -- NB :- Gallery Botttom Tool Bar.

Top Right hand Corner :- Parsifal the Red Knight + With trusty white steed.

Top Left hand Corner :- Scholf Newschwanstein + Bavaria

Second from Top left Hand Side:- Darel 2006 + Stanwell Tops - Bald Hil

Looking down The Coast past Stanwell Park to Wollongong and I remember

the Lawence Hargrave memorial which stands ajacent to me as A Representation

of The History of Aviation and of cource Lawerance Hargrave Drive runs down to

Stanwell Park on the road to Wollongong below.

Down The Page taken from a book on Chivalry in order

God and King with Sword on Judgement day:-Where do you stand?

St George? Yeshua? Parsifal ? Knight on Horse!

Yeshua- Gweniveve ? Parsifal and Bride ?

Down Right hand Side of Page in order from top.

Red Knight on Horse in Joust - Parsifal ?

Karl Marx - My Distant Relative - Artist :- My Father - Professor Raymond DeCusack.

Jesus The Shroud - A true likness of Christ from Turin -Artist :- My Father - Professor Raymond DeCusack 1970

Darel 2009 - Artist in Innisbruck - Austria.

St. Michel - England, Near Penzance.

St. Michel - France, Near St. Malo.

Darel again. Stanwell Tops - October 2013

Can you see The Sea Bridge and

Do I look any older or different?

I remember a plague behind me on the ground

in memorial to someone and of cource you can

see the beautiful view below and out to sea.

.The T- Shirts I am wearing are a blue one I bought in Bondi

for $5 to take to Canberra for a snap decision overnight stay in about 2003.

The Black one is one I bought in Rome Italy, which has Italia Roma on it.

The Last Picture on The Bottom Left of The Home Page is a look down to

Wollongong from Sublime Point at Bulli Tops where I get a lot of my inspiration

to write poetry and If you can rhyme time sublime to you can write poetry to. Darel.

Sydney From Centre Point Tower Australia day 2013

1 The Sydney Harbour Bridge

2 Sydney Harbour Port Jackson

3 Up The Parramatta River

At Bottom of page

4 and 5 Maid Of The Mist

6 Schlof Neuschwanstein + Bavaria

7 Sea Cliff Bridge Colecliff down to Wollongong from Stanwell Park, taken by a drone.

8 Sydney from the air.


I just want to finally say something of my walk and Parsifals Journey. The photos on this home page are designed to give you a picture and depiction of Parsifals journey as a wandering fool who finds literary understanding travelling around the world and reading books to write and explain meaningful and purposeful points of life, to prove that he has gained some kind of wisdom in his travells. The journey starts in Bavaria and that is the home of the grail as in the beautiful picture of the castle in the top left hand corner and through seeing the meaning and error of his ways through Gods eyes and after travelling through and wandering the medieval path that leads to the St. Michel Abbey in France and Penzance, England to learn that God only is wise and so goes on his written dialouge of verse. I stand at the top of Stanwell Tops Lookout because you have to be realistic in life and money is not worth all the earth, but that understanding the beauty of the maximum perspective from a pivotal point of view and position you can get a glimpse of what the limitations are on the ground, but from there you can also gaze out across the wide Pacific Ocean and the depths of possibilities are seemingly unendless and as they fly their hangliders there and soar above, they can return safely to the top or fly down to the beach. The next stop is Sublime Point where I also get a lot of my inspiration, overlooking Wollongong and now finally I return home to sweet Sydney from Centre Point Tower on Australia Day 2013 and you can see the Harbour Bridge and The Parramatta River to the left of the bridge and The famous Sydney Harbour, Port Jackson to the right and up to the remarkable Sydney Heads where the Manly Ferry passes by every half hour. Needless to say that I am biased about Sydney, of the place I call home, but I have travelled around the world to many countires which have cities as beautiful and as interesting as mine, but offer different meanings and perspectives of places to live with, which make the world a beautifulplace and offer their own individual characteristics of culture and inspiration. Thanks Darel.Normandy, Mont Saint Michel, Abbey

Sheep, Lamb, Cattle, Pasture, Church, Monasteryimage for article:Since 2018, almost 100 heritage sites in Sydney have had their


Painting of woman with pale skin and auburn hair lying in water surrounded by flowers, apparently dead.