Remember What You Need

The first thing to do before you write something is to remember what you need. Things just don't drop out of the sky and fall into your lap but you have to pray about them and ask God for money for them and have patience persistence and a positive attitude that you will get them. Firstly before you do anything else in life when you want something, remember what you need and just don't go around searching aimlessly wanting whatever you can put and get your hands on nut in all ways seek out what the desire of your heart really are and go about obtaining them in the right and methodical order of achieving them. Nothing is free in life and we must count the cost for everything we want to buy and attain to own so that once we have got everything we want we can maintain them and only add to or replenish supplies as we need to. If we work for things hap hazard or aimlessly then it is a pointless exercise and we are quite likely to lose them. But with time centred and dedicated right orientation we can attain all we need throughout our lifetime as the need arises and the means and way of how to do it comes about. Patience is the name of the game and dedicated persistence always comes about and pays off in the long run so that you don't have to rush like a bull at a gate at the first little anything and everything you want, just to realise that you will hit a brick wall at the end of the road. Time payments of bit by bit and little by little add up to a quiet an accomplishment of attainment of things if you will just bide your time and patiently persist to set about and go getting the things you want as the need arises and what you want comes about with the means to pay and keep for looking after as a good steward would for the earth. Remember what you need first and think plan set objectives goals and organise the leadership to set it.