The Itch To Be Rich

It is incredible how the full always have the itch to be rich but don't know how to go about becoming well off. It is my own personal experience myself that I'm continually attempted to strike it lucky and become rich. But becoming rich is a lot of hard persistence and consistently reliable work that slowly starts to accumulate wealth whereby they can claim that eluding status of being well off or rich. Just like the price of fame, being rich has its own hang-ups with many extramarital relationships which have been attracted by the highs lifestyle of a different bank account amounts. Of the poor will always be poor is the common trend if they never decide that they are going to do something about it. To bite the bullet and aim and concentrate on the making of money and working hard to get it. I like the idea of a free and easy lifestyle that the house on the water with many international trips and holidays is extremely appealing there we go and air we have it, the itch to be rich but how exactly do we go about it and what do we have to do to become rich. It is a matter of extortion and foul trade or underhanded ways or is it about doing the right thing on the long term where you're patience perseverance and assistance will start to pay off. I tend to favour the second way and I have started and undertake and the ways and means to work towards accomplishing that actually state of Financial Security. Will therefore continue to scratch themselves and wonder how to go about it, balance themselves for their own inefficiencies and trying to bring down those who have reached that stage of achievement and have worked towards it and dedicated their lives to financial success. That it can be a game of cat and mouse where the poor are continually chasing the rich and the rich are continually avoiding them alleviating the burden of the poor. However if we aim to achieve the desired goal of financial success long term we have to teach and train of four along the way.