Ask Nicely

Often we tend to take things that we need for granted thinking very little of them but just expecting the money to come enough to pay or to be paid for the things we want. Often too we're too lazy to ask for the daily necessities of life and just demand more and more of non essential things all the time. Asking nicely for things that we must have altered just ask nicely for something we simply want or require as an extra or luxury is a very pleasing way to get things and octane things we require care is needed necessities. To ask nicely is not to assume that we will get what we are asking for that it raises the chances of a positive outcome quite considerably. Ask nicely for food, or anything else you require service for from a shop or tradesmen. Ask nicely four a raise or a commendation on work done. Ask the nicely for a recommendation for a promotion or a product up for sale to be sold. Ask god nicely for things you absolutely must have and require in the nicest possible way. Thank god for the things that you get and be thankful for all of your possessions. Ask nicely to keep and maintain everything you own and go about the word in a positive concerted action to look after whatever you have. Ask nicely to god to bless your food to your body and to give you good health in life with a satisfied and maintain said is for mines to be a blessing to others and two instill the same positive encouragement that god gives you. Ask nicely for a house and a car and a wife and all the other essential things of material possessions that go with a family and looking after them. Ask nicely for wisdom and strength and courage and seek to possess all the great and positive attribute of god and ask nicely in doing so. Seek the Glory of the kingdom of god and asked nicely for god to show you his riches in heaven. The kind and cool and strive to do the right thing and a ask god to show you how to be a better person. Finally ask god to give you the love and be extremely thankful for it.