Leaders are Readers

Readers are readers and readers are writers. Therefore writers are leaders. The Right of Leadership does not come just from being right. Because leadership is a long length of learning curve that through experience and the acquisition of knowledge through firsthand experience, when you learn directly of someone else or when you read someone else who is a writer and therefore and Author of books who has a proven track record of knowing what and how to do in their own specific field or expertise that acquired subject of learning and can express themself orally in written dialogue to show how they have done things in the past and suggest best possible alternatives of how to do things in the future. If it works, it's right. If it is not going to work it has got to be changed and if it is not broken don't break it. The fact that the best way to do something is the right way has long been the most feasible or logical way of achieving results is to aim to do your best to get it right the first time. Sometimes we have to use trial and error to learn but with persistent effort and consistent endeavours manage to perfect the result as a final saleable product. In any case if we aim to get the right product that best suits the need for the consumer or supplies the tools of the trade to get the job done we have accomplished our final goal of being able to sell a saleable goods for a profit or mass produce on a large scale saleable products that will meet the need for a multitude of people. In the case of a book about leadership its aim is to be read and it must be thoroughly discussed and earnestly provided for in the meaning of being desired to be read so that it can sell itself for a profit because it has ways that work.