God Is The Greatest

There are along of the things in this world that are of God and there are things that God accepts and things that he does not. To know right from wrong and to stick to the rules is a must and things that are possible to do to give God the greatest Honour. God is the greatest and reigns supreme while we all try in our selfish endeavors to emanate Him and aim to be like God, but at an enormous cost of commitment. Self sacrifice and personal endeavours for our own greatness or humility is a hard and a passionate decision for the price has to be paid to get what we want. To leave God out of the equation is too self centred and brings excessive indulgence. Someone might say why can't I be like God. The fact that god rules the world and sees from heaven everyone on earth and I like you, are just one person going my own way each day, while God has control of everything. That is why God is that greatest and why my own selfish endeavor does not satisfy everyone else, like God does and can do it. If you will only accept his way and let him lead and guide along the narrow path of life. Don't doubt for a moment that God can't do it. His life and understanding far exceeds us all and his many ways of knowing shows us the truth between right and wrong and to accept his truth is wise and to deny it is often sheer stupidity. God is the greatest and He has beaten better men than I and poor little me is just another one of His subjects who has to try and learn to follow His ways of knowledge, wisdom and understanding for His own supreme sacrifice of His love for His people and the ways and conditions he sets for them and their sacrifices for Him to enter into the richness of His kingdom and power. I have put God in this book because there is no greater leader in the universe than Him and I owe and recognise him as my Lord and Savior because I truly believe that God is the greatest and I really have to come second to win.