Personality Leads

Personality style is an individual perplexing perspective that leads all the attributes of the character of the person to try to influence and win over other people with self development as a by-product and profitability as the end result. For it is not until we learn the art of the leadership of one's own individual personality that we can portray and demonstrate one's own individual personality and style, through the character development of one's own private idiosyncrasies and individual reflective attributes of the character development of what makes up and becomes you as your own individual person to demonstrate what you know by how you put yourself across to other people to see and learn to experience of who you really are an what makes up you as a whole and real person. This can be demonstrated through eh broad field of marketing or theatre or opera but in these cases one has to play another particular character to be self prevalent. Personality leads for sure, for it is not until we know for sure that our own individual personality type is really who we are really are, so that we can be who and what we really want to be. For just like we are all designed to represent some kind of product to be part of the social system, we must all demonstrate all our own individual style in order for the prime requisite and price of life to be paid where by the individual personality leads and differentiates the idiosyncrasies of others to differentiate from oneself and distinguish oneself from others as they, themself, try to do the same and it is not until we undertake the extra effort to correct and right law of creation of the ones own individual style to point towards the conformity of society and undertake to lead and admonish all it takes to adopt the role of creation the self deployment and deployment of leading with one's own personality style.