Try To Be Able

In a world where winning is the only thing and having to compete is the name of the game for success. You have to try to be able in whatever you do, to strive to undertake the first prize in your chosen field or profession. Try to be able to win and take the necessary step by step plan and programme to achieve your goals. Aim to win and succeed, but played by the rules and set a standard of achievement by the devil of fair play, honesty treatment and competitive spirit, whereby a if you are a good model as a leader and a winner, not only by a physical ability, but by mental toughness and a genuine and courteous sportsmanship approach. Try to be able to win, but remember that participation is an honour and only the best get poor, there being a team member and the good participator and sport, is the key to being a winner in the first place. Played by the rules, set and objective and follow the plan, aimed to be best, be remembered, a good loser is just as important as a winner and that is and how you play the game that is more important than winning in the first place. Try to be able, but remember to as well that you can't win by a foul play and you can't win by cheating or any other underhanded method. A truly there is a real winner, but only if they play by the rules. Try to be able by making all the necessary preparations and try to be able by taking all the necessary steps. Sometimes you just have to make a decision and give it your best shot, other times it is a slow and steady long haul in how you play the game. But otherwise try to be able all the time by being alert, aware and educated in your own chosen field or event and no matter what the result is, make an effort and try to succeed at whatever you undertake. But really just by participating you have done a wonderful thing and the world record belongs to god in everything.