The Right Of Leadership


The right of leadership is an initiative that you acquire by experience in life. Passionate Legalitites is about, your own way of doing things in an unoffensive leadership way or style. Being a leader is based on your thoughts of what you do, think, say or write. They are not self given rights, but judged on ability or merit by others. This book is what I call a set of passionate legalities. People say that they can do things right all the time, like building a house that has to be straight. With a writer however, it is not until you actually do something or put pen to paper, that you can show your experience in life written down and published to be judged on the merit of the work. Then you actually have the example of the living proof of your ability or style to lead and write. Writing as in my example, has come from doing a great deal of many and different things, that broadened my horizons in life and gave me the bigger picture of a brighter and more interesting world. On the other hand, many diligent hours of reading have gone into the research of techniques and enabled the development of an individual style. It is this labour of love that leans to produce the fruit of individuality and the identity of an individual person, as far as leading your own lifestyle, as an inspiration to follow. I am not saying that I have a suitable lifestyle or apptitude for all the other individuals to relate to, but what I am saying is that what I do and read and write to lead, offers a living standard and a set of requirements that I can be happy with. Therefore I am following the right guidelines of the proactive suggestions that go on in this way, that are implied by the leadership in the book. This book will give you a set of examples and ideas for you to adopt and use if you want, if they are relevant or pertanent to you. However in turn you must develope your understanding of your own individual personality style. It is a hard line to call or say, but unless you understand yourself, you can't expect anyone else to understand you either. This is just an general outline or guideline of what can be done in writing a book like this. If you, like me want to be smart by writing a book in the same category as this one, then I would recommend that you offer up a prayer to God for The Right Of Leadership as well, because competition drives a nation. Please enjoy the book as a reader and I hope that you write yourself a winner to become a leader to.

Darel R McAllister.

Readers Note

I tidied up the introduction to The Right Of Leadership a couple of times and I am expecting to have to do much the same with the rest of the book. Typing from my hand writing is hard and it also appears that I may have phrased or worded some sentences or lines incorrectly. Correcting takes time and deep concentration with intellectual patience and will be done in the due cource of procession as I find time and the mind for the inclination to get around to it. I am sorry for any easily visbile errors, that really should be fixed before you read them. I would dare to hazard a guess that I am about 98% satisfied with what we have got so far. A properly published book would have paid a proof reader to examine the text for mistakes, but as I am cheif editor, sole writer and bottle washer, the job remains to big for me as one person to do. Terry gives it her best with the typing, but a scholar with proper training in the literary field would be advisable to engage to help me. As you know I can't afford one and so things will just have to take time and people show patience if possible, with the work the way it is. Thanks for your understanding and more later. Darel.