How important it is to know what we want,

And to realise that stress is definitely nothing to shunt;

Life is A puzzle just waiting to be solved,

Like when you stress something and you want it resolved,


Now I'm not going to harp on the reasons or cause,

As if waiting on the sound of an audience applause;

For stress is not A character to be taken so lightly,

Because you must stay on top of it and do it just rightly.


Stress is a kind of struggling with two separate ideas,

Trying to form an opinion and then conflict appears;

The answer to stress should be relatively simple,

And can be cleared up as easily as a blemish or pimple.


The nature of stress is something we must understand,

For stress can be magic and stress can be grand;

You must put across that point on your mind,

And that can be stressful and not very kind.


I find that writing this down is a way to relieve my stress,

And hopefully I'm not getting into too much of a mess;

I've found that with tension it goes its own way,

Like the weather and people you meet every day.


Now stress is what drives us to drink and to death,

But a little is healthy to think and take breath;

So don't build up your worries into mountains of stress,

But seek out what's true and what you need to confess.



Less stress.