Well what is this disease, a bit more than a sneeze?

Don't tell me I've got it if you don't mind please;

You see it makes you think things that aren't really real,

It stops you from acting on how you should feel.


Schizophrenia disconnects your thought from what's on your heart,

It effects those who are clever, dumb or smart;

To me it's an illness that makes you go mad,

And even though you take medication it still is quite sad.


It plays hell with your mind and that is a fact,

Because it makes you want money and what it will attract;

Now use that brain God put in your head,

And don't let it beat you because its not worth being dead.


There's treatment by doctors that think they know best,

But that's just a rumour that they try and put to the test;

It makes you quite a rebel but that's not what's wrong,

The problem is that you get it from a place named Hong Kong.



So sick of it.