People have problems, that's par for the course,

But not of we learn to use up every resource;

It's fair to say that life is a challenge,

And problems can be solved without taking revenge.


Problems come and go from here to now and then,

And sometimes their worth having but only God knows when;

If you have time on your hands you can handle them all,

Whether your male or your female or tall or your small.


Now the things of this world on this round revolving planet,

Are not all that bad if you've got the right people to man it;

Maybe the times come when there are no burdens to bare,

When our problems and troubles we shall no longer care.


So what of these problems and worries we share,

How can we answer them? We must venture and dare;

For God has a plan and leaves a heavenly trail,

For all who will follow and want to smooth sail.


Some trust in their knowledge and what they do know,

And hope that their problems will one day just go;

But for me I'll have faith and trust in the Lord,

That one day my problems he'll turn and reward.


Sometimes the problem is just to find peace of mind,

To forget all our suffering and to finally be kind;

So happy is he, who can find contentment on earth,

For those treasures are heaven for all of their worth.



Gone are my problems.