Is there a man who's content with all aspects of his life,

Satisfied with everything so as to keep him out of strife;

Imagine a place where there is total perfect peace,

A place just like heaven where all desires will cease.


If we strive for contentment we find it hard to achieve,

Instead of leaving it for God and starting to believe;

I think I'd like to fly away and leave it all behind,

For without those fears and doubts contentment I would find.


Now I know it's there just waiting if I search my heart and look,

You might find it hard to talk about but it's never to be mistook;

I must of been really hurting not having contentment on my mind,

But I found it in helping others when I was humble and being kind.


It's really very beautiful to have and say you know,

To reach out and really touch someone with the gentleness you show;

It's found in giving of yourself and making someone's day,

And it's going out to dinner and saying that you'll pay.


But most of all it's pleasure in helping someone in need,

It's leaving and not taking all those things we tend to greed;

Contentment is a magic we get from giving love,

It's treasure is the knowing of the eternal God above.


Well now I'm nearly finished and I hope that you might of seen,

A little bit of contentment in this poem's created scene;

To all adue, I wish you luck for the contentment that you seek,

But remember that contentment is answered when your weak.



I've been contented.