Don't dismay it's alright I pay,

Concentration I've found is usually the best way;

To get what you want and never to stray,

By following your God and focusing on the day.


Decisions are made by faith with grace,

In any matter or any time and space;

Now for the moment we'll need one idea,

Of what can work out without any fear.


Concentration is like trying to live in the past,

With this quest on earth that goes very fast;

So concentration is the thing which helps us to think,

Try and make it important for it should start to link.


To me it seems tragic to harp on a point,

But this should be magic like a bone in a joint;

Concentration is an effort that depends on us all,

With the world going round like a big spinning ball.


Well is this a problem to harp on some more,

Or will we all end up being quite poor;

Concentration is for well wishers, who find life attractive,

Like light through a prism proves to be refractive.


I'll now stop and concentrate on what seems best,

That's if I'm clever or not as some might have guessed;

So I'll never give up till I write the next line,

But concentrate on any word that fits with the design.