Social Desires

Parsifal's Social Desires


The financial world is rejoicing, money is being made, cyclones batter the coast line. People are enjoying life, eating out in restaurants and seeing live shows, cinema and many facets of a lovely world to live in. Economic management is just the means of balancing the world, but heaven and hell are real forces as well and we have to deal with the good and bad, loves and hates, if it were always a perfect world everywhere, people would always be happy, but the joy would be short lived anyway in bordom and self despair. We just have to manage resources the best we can with what we have got and deal with the situation and circumstances as they are dealt out to us day by day, forward planning and budgeting is always a must but sometimes usually we need some contingency management to help in crisis situations and manage in fallen conditions. We will never have Adam and Eve all over again, but as generations manifest and progress there is a different set of people to deal with the learning circle and curves of life. Alcohol, nicatene and substance abuse, sexual imorality, deal us a whole new set of depressive conditions with anxiety disorders and manifestations of self abusive conditions, our world becomes abused as well. Still we work to aleviate the pain and problems of a success driven society and doctors, hospitals and pharmacies are just there waiting for the social destrucion of our minds and bodies. Healing and replenishment is just the first signs of rejuvination and the work must continue. We have to look for a nondestuctive path to journey through life to live and not die, to rejoice and not complain. However life's problems and challenges are being dealt up to us all the time in confronting ways and means and we have to manage the best we can to live, survive and excell above atrosities. Finding the clear and perfect path is often not so obvious and in an un obtrucive way we are left on our own to fend for ourselves a lot of the time, because of pride and self image and wanting people to think highly of ourselves, when it is just a big job to live the right way all the time as the main thing in life. We should be listening and talking more and learning by our mistakes and not making them again. Social Desires aims to address and highlight these needs and conditions and help to show ways to possibly alleviate some of the pain and hurts from these wrong manifestaitions. By seeing clearly the right way through the tunnel to come out the other side on top of the situation and not taken by it. This will be continued throughout the book and as you read I will seem to try and explain some of these ramifications of misguied or misdirected life styles and hopefully address the right way to live out in social conditions, where we have personality driven life styles. 

Parsifal's Social Desires


1 Understanding Behaviour

Understanding behaviour is concieving the adaption of a social order system and abiding by it. It can be disrespected or regarded as the normal, but social entertaining on a public level portrays character references which are social behaviour. Understanding behavior is not restricted to people, but animals have subject conditions to climate control of which their behavior are predicted or pattern on by geographical areas or species type. I will consider futher peoples patterns and conditions and try not to relate or reflect on associations with animals, even though symptomatically their can be some connections. Behaviour is determined by social class, social systems, income level, job type and personality traits (which incorporates idiosyncracies). This personality pattern is a make up of characteristic traits and behavioral patterns that can be detected and recorded by associations of normal and abnormal behavior. Autosyncratic persons are those who must portray idiosyncracies as a usual style of reflecting personality traits and they can have behavioral problems of extreme and eccentric behavior, which reflects abnormal behaviour.Radical and self attention seeking behaviours also fall into the abnormal behaviour.Consistent conforming patterns reflect normal traits of behaviour. It is only those who carefully researched and abide in majority opinionated statistics, that they are those who confrom to normal behavioural patterns. Obviously one would not want to deviate to much from normal patterns of behaviour, but to remain confined or conformed to a working model or system of society. However to maintain social norms in a working job or carreer one must satisfy normal behavioral patterns. Abstract and diverse thinking is not wrong, but can be seen as abnormal or nonconforming. To remiain consistent with behavoural patterns one must do enough general reading to understand the social norms, as controversial attitudes are anti social behaviour are unacceptable in peoples eyes or general respects. Generally understanding conscenous of opinion will help you to appreciate and understand normal behavior, which is necessary for working lifestyles and business careers. Organisational minds are bettter working processes for the social perspective and this also invites and encourages a social networking behavior which is becoming more relevant and accepted in pertanent modern thinking companies and working situations. So undertanding behaviour is really a reflection on normal thinking attitudes or valued and accepted societal structures and patterns of our relevant world.

2 Business Barrier

Understanding any business barrier, is developing an appreciation for patterns and trends within the business world that would reflect or detract from normal social situations. It is these abnormal conceptions that formulate business barriers and interupt the normal ways or doing things. Plain and clear consise thinking leads to normal business behaviours. Patterning on socially accepted behaviours is a better way of creating or generating business processes and procedures for industry success and sales components. Like the constepated thought processes or self behavioural rights, business barriers are obstacles to overcome on the normal societal behavioral patterns of work success and networking generations of profit turnover. Negative ideas or too much reflection on self, reduces to societal impact of interaction and networking achievement of business goal attaining objectives. We have different types of barriers in life. You have the horse barrier at the race track, you have The Great Bariier Reef off The North Queensland Coast, but you don't have sea horse races on coral reefs, you have to make a differentiation bewteen the two. Just like you have the language barrier of many races, you have objections to sales proposals for specific reasons. This is the business barrier, because you don't have a thorough understandfing of the product and you need clarification on particulars before you purchase or buy the goods. Like our sea horse race, you don't have the necessary criterion to pay money for a service in that as a unfinancial situation. We have therefore a set of unmerited circumstances and unauthorized constituencies, that means therefore that we have a business barrier in conducting a transaction. because we can't agree to terms of trade, we have a business barrier. If the federal tax system was so easy to understand we would not need politicians to continually and ongoingly to sort out tax reform which is never really finalised and that is an eternal business barrier. We are suseptable to change all the time on an ongoing basis as in, nothing ever stays the same and that we will have to constantly change things to determine relative validity and unltimately update things to a new reality all the time.This depends on workload, where spending is required and not required. When something that has money allocated for it and when it has to be spent. There is always a varying degree of change with nearly everything. Change in itself can be a business barrier and you if have two preconceived ideas of how to do the job and neither can agree on the best final way to implement and achieve the conceived vision for a result, consequentally the job does not get done. This is the unltimate in a businees barriers, when the logic of doing work is impeded by the simple failure of how to do it and establishing an agreement in doing a job, that seems as though it is never being determined. Frustration sets in and you need an arbitrator or admisitrator, to sort out your financial mess or help address you preconcieved ideas into a vison, to becoming a reality of a tangible thing or result. The business barrier is there for an obstruction to getting work done and organising work load helps to sort through the problem of what is the business barrier leaving what is adressed or unadressed for work processing.

3 Spiritual Awareness

4 Mental Stability

5 Physical Well Being

6 Pschological Effects


7 One Step Closer

8 Positive Improvement

9 Negative Reaction

10 Test Of Endurance

11 Forever Determining

12 Making Right Decisions


13 The Right Direction

14 Onward And Upward

15 Keep Going Along

16 Maintain Stability

17 Creative Thinking

18 Actual Results


19 Don't Look Behind

20 What Have You Got To Lose

21 One Step At A Time

22 Gradual Improvement

23 This Will Do Me For Now

24 God Is Always Right


25 The First Priority

26 A Management Principle

27 Everything Has A Cost

28 Please Pay The Price

29 Thankyou Anyway

30 Maybe A Bit Mor


31 This Goes With That

32 That's Always Left Up To God

33 It Is Nice To Say Thankyou

34 Ask In The Right Way

35 Get What You Want

36 I Am Always Right


37 Sit To The Right Hand Side

38 It's On Both Sides

39 Night And Day

40 Sun And Sin

41 Male And Female

42 Still Always Right


43 Tomorrow Never Comes

44 Well Until Then

45 When I Ask I Receive

46 Really Believe


47 Courship

48 Engagement

49The Wedding

50 Providing An Income

51 Duty Of Care

52 Maintaining The House

53 Out In The Garden


54 Bringing Up Children

55 Raising A Family

56 The Joy of Children Succeeding

57 Advancing The Family Of God

58 Church And School For Kids

59 The Family Relationship With God

60 A Godly Marriage