Social Desires

Parsifal's Social Desires


The financial world is rejoicing, money is being made, cyclones batter the coast line. People are enjoying life, eating out in restaurants and seeing live shows, cinema and many facets of a lovely world to live in. Economic management is just the means of balancing the world, but heaven and hell are real forces as well and we have to deal with the good and bad, loves and hates. If it were always a perfect world everywhere, people would always be happy, but the joy would be short lived anyway in bordom and self despair as that is not reality. We just have to manage resources the best we can with what we have got and deal with the situation and circumstances as they are dealt out to us day by day, forward planning and budgeting is always a must but sometimes usually we need some contingency management to help in crisis situations and manage in fallen conditions. We will never have Adam and Eve all over again, but as generations manifest and progress there is a different set of people to deal with the learning circle and curves of life. Alcohol, nicatine and substance abuse, sexual imorality, deal us a whole new set of depressive conditions with anxiety disorders and manifestations of self abusive conditions, our world becomes abused as well. Still we work to aleviate the pain and problems of a success driven society and doctors, hospitals and pharmacies are just there waiting for the social destrucion of our minds and bodies. Healing and replenishment is just the first signs of rejuvination in rehabilitation and the work must continue. We have to look for a nondestructive path to journey through life, to live and not die, to rejoice and not complain. However life's problems and challenges are being dealt up to us all the time in confronting ways and means, in that we have to manage the best we can to live, survive and excel above these self inflicted mental atrosities. Finding the clear and perfect path is often not so obvious and in an unobtrucive way we are left on our own to fend for ourselves a lot of the time, because of pride and self image and wanting people to think highly of ourselves, when it is just a big job to live the right way all the time as the main thing in life. We should be listening and talking more and learning by our mistakes and not making them again. Social Desires aims to address and highlight these needs and conditions and help to show ways to possibly alleviate some of the pain and hurts from these wrong and destructive manifestaitions. By seeing clearly the right way through the tunnel to come out the other side on top of the situation and not taken by it. This will be continued throughout the book and as you read I will seem to try and explain some of these ramifications of misguided or misdirected life styles and hopefully address the right way to live out in social conditions, where we have the mentality of positive and purposefully, personality driven life styles.

Parsifal's Social Desires


1 Understanding Behaviour

Understanding behaviour is concieving the adaption of a social order system and abiding by it. It can be disrespected or regarded as the normal, but social entertaining on a public level portrays character references which are social behaviour. Understanding behavior is not restricted to people, but animals have subject conditions to climate control of which their behavior are predicted or pattern on by geographical areas or species type. I will consider futher peoples patterns and conditions and try not to relate or reflect on associations with animals, even though symptomatically their can be some connections. Behaviour is determined by social class, social systems, income level, job type and personality traits (which incorporates idiosyncracies). This personality pattern is a make up of characteristic traits and behavioral patterns that can be detected and recorded by associations of normal and abnormal behavior. Autosyncratic persons are those who must portray idiosyncracies as a usual style of reflecting personality traits and they can have behavioral problems of extreme and eccentric behavior, which reflects abnormal behaviour.Radical and self attention seeking behaviours also fall into the abnormal behaviour.Consistent conforming patterns reflect normal traits of behaviour. It is only those who carefully researched and abide in majority opinionated statistics, that they are those who confrom to normal behavioural patterns. Obviously one would not want to deviate to much from normal patterns of behaviour, but to remain confined or conformed to a working model or system of society. However to maintain social norms in a working job or carreer one must satisfy normal behavioral patterns. Abstract and diverse thinking is not wrong, but can be seen as abnormal or nonconforming. To remiain consistent with behavoural patterns one must do enough general reading to understand the social norms, as controversial attitudes are anti social behaviour are unacceptable in peoples eyes or general respects. Generally understanding conscenous of opinion will help you to appreciate and understand normal behavior, which is necessary for working lifestyles and business careers. Organisational minds are bettter working processes for the social perspective and this also invites and encourages a social networking behavior which is becoming more relevant and accepted in pertanent modern thinking companies and working situations. So undertanding behaviour is really a reflection on normal thinking attitudes or valued and accepted societal structures and patterns of our relevant world.

2 Business Barrier

Understanding any business barrier, is developing an appreciation for patterns and trends within the business world that would reflect or detract from normal social situations. It is these abnormal conceptions that formulate business barriers and interupt the normal ways or doing things. Plain and clear consise thinking leads to normal business behaviours. Patterning on socially accepted behaviours is a better way of creating or generating business processes and procedures for industry success and sales components. Like the constepated thought processes or self behavioural rights, business barriers are obstacles to overcome on the normal societal behavioral patterns of work success and networking generations of profit turnover. Negative ideas or too much reflection on self, reduces to societal impact of interaction and networking achievement of business goal attaining objectives. We have different types of barriers in life. You have the horse barrier at the race track, you have The Great Bariier Reef off The North Queensland Coast, but you don't have sea horse races on coral reefs, you have to make a differentiation bewteen the two. Just like you have the language barrier of many races, you have objections to sales proposals for specific reasons. This is the business barrier, because you don't have a thorough understandfing of the product and you need clarification on particulars before you purchase or buy the goods. Like our sea horse race, you don't have the necessary criterion to pay money for a service in that as a unfinancial situation. We have therefore a set of unmerited circumstances and unauthorized constituencies, that means therefore that we have a business barrier in conducting a transaction. because we can't agree to terms of trade, we have a business barrier. If the federal tax system was so easy to understand we would not need politicians to continually and ongoingly to sort out tax reform which is never really finalised and that is an eternal business barrier. We are suseptable to change all the time on an ongoing basis as in, nothing ever stays the same and that we will have to constantly change things to determine relative validity and unltimately update things to a new reality all the time.This depends on workload, where spending is required and not required. When something that has money allocated for it and when it has to be spent. There is always a varying degree of change with nearly everything. Change in itself can be a business barrier and you if have two preconceived ideas of how to do the job and neither can agree on the best final way to implement and achieve the conceived vision for a result, consequentally the job does not get done. This is the unltimate in a businees barriers, when the logic of doing work is impeded by the simple failure of how to do it and establishing an agreement in doing a job, that seems as though it is never being determined. Frustration sets in and you need an arbitrator or admisitrator, to sort out your financial mess or help address you preconcieved ideas into a vison, to becoming a reality of a tangible thing or result. The business barrier is there for an obstruction to getting work done and organising work load helps to sort through the problem of what is the business barrier leaving what is adressed or unadressed for work processing.

3 Spiritual Awareness

In a world of good and evil, where the spirituality of people is becoming their God, where the self gratification and indulgences add to peoples meaning and fail to address the necessary denials and healthy restrictions for clean living. We have a fallen society and the internet is also becoming a spiritual destructive force for young lives and self ramifications. However all is not lost and the internet can also be a positive spiritual force, for bank accounts, general knowledge and information, creating travel destination ideas, entertainment venues and also the many good forms of music that you can download. We have to be careful though that our minds are not all and totally consumed with ideas on how to keep ourselves happy all the time while work is neglected and money becomes a physical difficulty. Creating and being aware of our sprituality is a positive sense and force if we learn to adapt and be alert to our spiritual needs and aspirations. Have a sense of spiritual awareness, I will reiterate again is a positive idea in the sense that our happiness is a reflection on what we do and how we input peace into our lives. We must learn to balance the hardship of work activities with relaxational type thearopies, remebering that too much complacancy is also soul destructive. So here we are with this balance seeking identity for a positive disposition and spiritual happiness, by being aware of our habitat and living conditions for survival and self reflection. This is not a behavioural self analysis, but a personal relfection on how to be a better person by doing and thinking or saying and expressing right minded ideas of positive identity and things to do that are personally and spiritually life enrivching. This is not going to turn into a lecture on how to live, but I will say that church attendance is encouraged and staying clear of negative places where soul destroying activities take precedence on soul enriching positive venues, such as the theatre, ballet or orchestral arangements. What we are looking for is culturally advancing and character building places that create diversity of values in spiritually strong habitations. Let us leave it there and consider also the value of family and freinds for entertainment where social networks within our immediate cirle of community are there as strengtheners and backbone building cultures which are put in place to surround us for spiritual nuturing and nourishing in our daily lives and living conditions.

4 Mental Stability

Well being mental is not all that it cracked up to be, I can vouch for that. The thing is that once you have recogonised that you have a mental illness, it is all about treating it ad getting well. No one likes not having a logical mindset or clear thing for making daily decisions. Mental stability is about is about spiritual and physical well being, which is closely followed by being wel mentally. This (mental illness) is both a challenging and delibitating illness that affects your mind and thinking and to have stability of mind then you have to have a brain that is cognitvely conditioned to think normally. In an abstract world the idea of being normal is a hard to define as a word by itself, but rational and congruent thinking with a community service minded outlook, helps the internal mindset to function under this condition of and as being normal. Mental stability is also about focusing on the positives in life and by letting the negative aspects slip by until you are able and capable to deal with them, first you must get well and have that biological sense of well being, in that your thinking logical and normally congruently and inline with the common and group thought of a functioning society. mental stability means that you can work and generally hold down a job for a sustained period of time, it means that you can communicate on a rational level in society and relate to conscenous depictures of reasonable expectations of others. It means being inline with other peoples rational ideas that agree with your own and allowing independance to assist you with the day to day plans and goals to help others who may also have this mental illness. Normal working aspects and objectives then come intoplay in putting social structures and people networks together, where by you can interealte and raitional function normal or what might be considered normal in a family and community relationships. Once again it is good and advisable to have some church attendance and assistance where by you can relate with people who have a right persepective on life and also fit into small groups to study the Bible.This social interaction and even a quiet prayer time is all positively stimulating to functioning normal. Mental stability is indeed hard to achieve and once you have gone off the track too far is is a long, hard and slow journey back on the right and normal path, but yes you can do it, with enough commintent and determination, you can eventually achieve this much desired condition of mental stabily once again. You may have once known it when you were young or you may be young still and are still seeking and in search of it, but don't give up as it is a treasure that is well and for all its efforts worth stiving for.Try and drink plenty of clean and clear water. With Gods help you can do it, reach mental stability.

5 Physical Well Being

Physical well being is about being healthy, drinking plenty of water, to function normally under adverse conditions. The earth is a big body of land and water, it has a hard shell and a soft core and surface with the body being full of water, much like people and in fact, life was originally designed like that to support human regeneration. Animals are in the same food chain but unlike plants which are also for food, move about like the homeo erectus that makes us human beings.This system of sustanence is all important in supporting life and its continual reproduction. Why do I say all this when talking about physical well being, because the earth is a physical thing just as we are as humans, physics is in fact the applied science of human behaviour and adaption in cohabitation with nature.Therefore in order to understand wellness, we must understand physics, that in by having the right answers to science, we have the right mind for climatic adaption and relationship understanding in perspective to our own human nature. Physical well being is very closely related to mental well being and infact the two go closely together hand in hand, in that the understanding of each of the two is an interelated connection between the two. That is mind and body working together in a well and sound state of well being.The body must work properly for the mind to function and the mind must conversely correlate to combine and connect together. So we have a working human being functioning normally, that is with skills and abilities to work, talk and function in a society that supports coexistance. Once we have a normal state of well being in the body we can help to support the workforce and be of a productive and valued contributer to the world in which we live and the society in which we participate and dwell in to help the rest of the community function well. By reducing toxic intake and increasing in natural foods and drinks we can centre in on the most benefical conditions for nutrition and attain the pyschological advantage for our own well being so that we can contribute back to others to get to the same state of well being. Functioning normally after all is the most desired state of being in that we rationalize common sense to optimize our mental well being through a sound state of mind to adapt and apply to our well state of physical being. Therefore this is what we are or what we should have begun to have been and obtain to through healthy diets and physical exercise to the state of physical well being.

6 Psychological Effects

Psychological affects are the adaption from the abnormal to the normal, in that we are effected by our environment and sociological conditions that play a psychological part in our lives and minds. Many things come in the form of hindrances to our daily activities and many detractions and deviations suggest to relate to the the toxic world in which we live. The attractions of the niceties of life are nearly always far to attractive to refuse, but also far to dangerous to accept and be enticed by. In fact the more we self indulge the more we come to deteriorate in our health and well being. It has foten be said that the simple things in life are often the best and this is infact all too true. A glass of water, fresh vegetables and a daily protein intake of red or white meat, plus the necessary work or exercise to help the food pass through our bodies is all to essential for the well being of the body and the physical well being of the mind mentally. Psychological effects could be in the form of drugs or addictions, acholhol and nicotine, indeed illicit sex and all can be a distraction in functioning normally. To function normally should be our highest desire in life, as in coexistance and ralationship with others is the way that we reflect ourselves with the world we live in, community, society and work places are in fact the political healthy life styles of communication, adaption and leadership in a structurally high and organised world. Psychological effects are also alter ego and id fuctioning self indulgent steriotypes of esscentrical idiosyncrisis. In other words, our own self importance is trying to take over the world instead of living to help and care for others.This is indeed the way to counteract the pyshchological effects of selfcenteredness and while we still try to focus on ourselves, the aim is to take the focus off ourselves and focus on others. This externality on others is the focus that makes us well and healthy, in that thinking of others before yourself is the healthy way to live and function healthily and happily internally. Therefore let us function normally by looking outwood and upwood to higher planes of well being, eleviating the negative effects of pyschological behaviour which introverts us and makes us depressed, look to God and others, for support and what you can contribute to them for what they need, in that you will be happy by doing so. 


7 One Step Closer

Life is full of decisions and we continually make them all the time. First we have to decide our priorities and then the direction will will take in life to focus our aims, goals, energies and ambitions. We have to choose to have a faith that is real, alive and vibrant and embrace eternity as a real solution to the problem of life and death. Choosing to take decisions and then masking the right ones is one of those hard core parts and aspects of life that simply cannot be accounted for in the normal way as the precious gift of life that we all impart and undertake is so much greater than the decision to die. Never the less death is real and we have to do our best to avoid it at all costs. Being smart and staying out of trouble is only the first step in the direction of living longer lives and aiming for the God given gift of longetivity. If God gives the gift, then we must follow God and if money is the central key to our lives and we follow money, then unfortuately death is the main result. It is hard to put a priority on life and like the light that has come into the world, so the end is ever so soon and present. What we all should be looking for is to be taking one step closer to God each day and following in that direction where he has the best for us and has walked the path first, where the right ways of tried and proven results, lead and guide our lives to manifest themselves in the realm of eternity and heaven here on earth. One step closer, should be one step further in the right direction of what God has planned for ourr lives.The problem is that the central focus on self is all too important and we lose the picture of the vision of the greater purpose outside ourselves. One where there is a world without war and where peace and happiness is the all important idea of goal attainment. We can't afford to rest while one man lies on the street dieing and we can't give up hope of one more soul being one to heaven, while others in their disbelief are unrepentantly going to hell. The key is a simple one and that is putting others first before yourself. The one step closer is the achievement of the goal of the new direction taking place and leading into the right way of a positive future which is brighter and happier for all. Give up your hell bent ways of self importance and refocus on the new direction of being one step closer to God in the new direction of eternal life.

8 Positive Improvement

Looking for the new direction of a positive improvement is the way of turning from your old self and repenting to find anew the gift of life and than the old self destructive path that you were on leading to death. Give up on what has failed in the past and look for the tried and true results of positive behaviour that lead to life and not death. There is no point in self futility and fighting with yourself to overcome recongnised disorder, but once you do you must turn your life around and go in the opposite direction, one that will lead you out of strife and the pital of your previous own evil desires and place you in a positive place of importance, one where your life is being recognised as worth while and not self defeting. You can't win all by yourself and you need the support of people who are willing to help, first you must recognise your own self ambitions of destructiveness and realign to focus on the next step of your life and that is living for others, by offering help from yourself and asking for help from others when you need it. The world is indeed a big place and none of us are alone, we all must recognise that central point of dependance on each other and not revert to our own introvertive selfness of greed, corruption and self importance. There are many self destructive forces that drag us into the ditch of a life in hell. Anxiety, stress and depression, which are all a manifestation of living a bad lifestyle. Alochol abuse, drug dependancy, casual sexual relationships that waste time and money creating unhappisness instead of the beautiful picture of a loving and lasting marriage. Having a family is one of the greatest gifts on earth and God designed us for that very purpose to show the love to children so that they grow up in the right way. If we can only achieve this then we have attained the central goal to relationship with God and that is the ultimate purpose of what life is all about anyway. The best we can ever hope to achieve is a relationship with God and others in a church or moral environment, that is really what finding positive improvement in life is all about. Then we must aim and seek to maintain this right and moral perspective of right living to hand the key down to others in future generation further down the track that we ourselves have allready walked. be good and multiply, but do it in the right ways and within the guidleines of acceptable social behavior. Trust the truth and live out what is right in your life once you have established it, love God and others and accept the things that you cannot chnage, just as readilly as you embrace the change that is posiitive for the environment in which the area of our hearts and minds ajust and adapt to live. With God's blessing I invite you and encourage you to try and change to the new direction of positive improvement.

9 Negative Reaction

The furture direction of the new way of living has some negatives. people are stuck in their old way of doing things an do not wnat to change. As well, social pleasures overide the health issues of longetivity. WE all tend to think of our own happiness first and this can be in a form of distorted thinking. The more I get the happier I will be instead of caring about the well being of others, we pigheadedly think of oursleves and and our own personal deserires for pleasure and what self gains we can atrratc an then have more money to buy more things with, Sure we all need more money for the daily necessities of food and bills, suporting a family kids enjoyment and entertainment, but for ourselves we have to learn to be reserved and shrugal in the affordability of cost of living expenses. Restraint and caution are often better than indulgence and splashing out on spending sprees, by exercising restraint in spending we are learning to conserve resources for a longer time some where not to far or in the distant future of our spending requirements. Saving is the necessary precaution of budgeting and spending and saving, while often completely opposed, counterbalance one another in what we can have and what we cannot but must reserve for another time. Thinking of ourselves is right where saving is concerned, but the outlandish spending of indulgent lunches all the time for the expansion of our waste lines simply does not add up or make sense when you must consdier health benefits by working and exercise. We simply must learn to show restraint and exercixe caution in living not only with food but also with fuel as necessary energies are produced but lacidaisical attitudes to exercising care and consideration towards others is nonoccurring and can lead to pointless accidents and incapacitations. We must be frugal and show retraint without depriving ourself of all enjoyment, as some indulgenses are required to be happy but with the caring attitude towards others and the benefical reciprocal reply to benefit others. I don't want to be a wet blanket in all directiosn but just show and shine a little light on the advantages of restraint for saving and having enough for when you really need it than simply wasting all money all at ionce on what seems to be the pointless exercise of self indulgence.The negative reation to health is against self indulgence but restraint shows the exercise of care. 

10 Test Of Endurance

The test of endurance is often associated with patience in going the distance, when the tough get tired the tired get going and the ones who rested are often more fit to going further. The test of endurance is a matter of resta nd recouperation as much as it is stamina and endurance, reserving energies and attaining goal acomplishment by or for longetivity is what it means to go the distance rather than sometimes how much we have travelelled and enjoyed ourself.Though with careful management and planning, goal setting can be obtained through pacing ourself and caring about resources for others in the long and enduring road and journey of life. Really there are not shortcuts anyway and to travel as long and far as we need to do so to wisely learn to enjoy life instead. The further we can go in attaining the richness of the gift of eternal life is not only in death and heaven but on earth happiness. Let us not cut ourselves off short and while there is life there is hope in all aspects of a better and brighter future for each and all. To go the distanace gives us a sense of accomplishment and also the happiness of longetivity. Life was not never meant to always be a sprint race and the fastest is not nessecarily the quickest or the fittest, while health concerns are relevant in all types of racing the furture direction for the human race of community and social lives in not one in the thrill of the moment, but in the test of endurance for longetivity. The quick are often the dead and those who pace themself, often travel the road longer than the one who must have everthing at once. Going the distance in my idea of things leaves the short distant race to those who simply can't wait for anything and must have it all not and who simply pay with their lives for the indulgence. Sure is good to get what you want, but at a slow and careful pace. The rich certainly do not have what the really want all the time and they are usually the unhappiest with all their self indulgences. So going along the road at life at a steady and careful pace is much more satisfying and fulfiling than the take what you can at any given piint of time and place. We all must remember to show retraint in the getting of things and while fresh salmon and scotch fillet are often better tasteing than canned tuna and vegemite sandwiches, there is often a better track waiting down the road to take to get all the benifits of life than simply taking the best of everything every time you can at every opportunity. The test of endurance is a matter of work and pleasure, wanting and needing, recieving and taking and it is also a mater of restraint and caution. We need to recoginise the difference through discernment and choose our ways carefully and with caution. Restraint and caution may be really tangently opposed to indulgence self enjoymentbut longetivity is proven through self denial of things on earth for the treasures of heaven which are much more satisfying and give us more happiness here on earth. In other words The Road Of Life instead of drivingThe Rolls Royce down it is more enticing to me.Good Day and God Bless. 

11 Forever Determining

People are forever determining there future direction and making choices in the way they lead their lives. These conscientious decisons are what makes up are personalities and creates our character as well as the purposes and reasons for the actions that we take in our life's direction. We can go all out and aim for the top of a career path or take our time reading and relaxing for better pacing and peace of mind. Of course the quick and hard road of wanting more money all the time is often the creation of health issues, while establishing a firm bank account or foothold on the market for a prosperous retirement. Unfortunately we can't have our cake and eat it to, we can't have large bank accounts and sit on our hands in peaceful retirement. We are forever determining our paths by the choices that we make. It would be nice to think that you could accumulate enough money for all those rainy days down the track, but we soon run out of funds again sitting on our hands relaxing and we then have to seek another way for gainful employment or making money. If we constantly make choices and decisions to determine our path for ourselves are we leaving God out of the picture by taking our own personal future direction into our own hands. Of cource this is a management tactic, but we often lose sight of the bigger picture and purpose that God has in our lives and what He requires for us to do for an eternal destination. This to is another consideration that we must all take into account when we are forever determining our lives, just where does God fit in or if at all. Others say, that you should have all things in moderation and bring God into your picture with the rest of your own ideas, this is having many irons in the fire, but you have to know when they are hot enough to take them out and use them. We can include God in our own directions if we listen to Him and His giuidlines and give back a little for that effort. So we are forever determining our owm lives and God is to because we don't always get what we want as other people are also competeing for that right of getiing their own way. When the path crosses for example we have to make choices that will suit other people as well as ourselves to compromise our own situation. This competitive edging of fighting for our own ideals loses the focus on working for others and earning that money. So we are forever determining our own paths at the expense of others to put it roundly. The harder we work for ourselves the more we are in a compromising situation with others. However life is good and that is what makes it interesting for us as, in that if we always got our own way life, would be rather boring and that forever detirmining that situation is really a forever compromising determination of others. We must be content with what we have got when we have enough and that is the key to balance and harmony. Try and let God do the determining and forever plan to fit in with the goals of the bigger picture of His directions for the unltimate success of fitting in with living with kingdom purposes for your lives.

12 Making Right Decisions

Making right decisions is part of the fine tuning for the ideal end destination for our lives. Of course the path is just as important on the journey as the end result of success, however you define it. Success orientation can be our central focus instead or an eternal plan for heaven and that elusive retirement package of peace and happiness in a vibrant and happy environment. This goal of an idealistic lifestyle is often elusive and hard to get, but if we can travel the path that leads to this elusive gift of eternal happiness we find the common cause and purpose of a sustained environment to be maintained and survived by all. Making right decisions should lead to utopia and often it does, but also often it does not. Capitalizing on the right path as we take the journey of life is how we learn to manage our unique ideal situation of living life. The to making wrong decisions leads us down the path of trouble and corruption and we should avoid these wrong directions at all times and at all costs.The beauty of this living right is the production of happiness and that the fruit of our efforts are highly rewarded by making right choices. God path is the right one if you can find it but it is narrow and hard, it can be also lonely if you go it by your self and there are many people who are commonly seeking the right, true and narrow path of life which you can find and see and walk the path together. This community of bonding or family interaction is a societal high if you can manage to attain this path. Right deciseions will lead you there but you must make right decisions all the time, read, write and look to God for guidence. Laws are made for a reason and to follow then is pure and righteous wisdom, which lead to life and eternity that God calls us to endure and live. God is the right way first and money both helps and comes by living under Gods direction of making right and guided decisions for our lives. Go to Him in prayer and ask for assistance as He is only to happy to help for those and all who ask. Stay in tune with yourself while you seek God and remember to focus on Him as you try and eventuate to make those right decisions of the right way to take in life. Making right decisions not only leads in the right direction along the path of life but also makes us happy in the course of the process. This is the ideal and critical path to take if we can only find it and make the right decisions to be happy. Making money and being rich may be right to some people but the journey is always more important than the final destination and making right choices with purpose will give you enough money to be content with and rich in heavenly treasures, which are more than all the material possessions on earth. 


13 The Right Direction

The right direction is likely to be the new direction if we take in to account making right decisons and forever determining. The right direction is a path for peace and happiness first which sets the palce for everything else to fall into line. If we have a contentment of mind and we have found our niche in life to earn an income, we can then safely and happpily pursue that path of righteousness and travel down the road of the the long and enduring path of eternal life.This is the happy place to be in, chosing the right direction to take and making right and honest decisions for goal setting and then plan achievement. The purpose also then becomes a common one of mainstream thinking for the common goal of working together and united in the cause of the common good of and for peace for all. The right dierection to take may well be the only one if you are committed to this direction, but many however fall off the path and travel the wrong road to death instead of peace and hapiness by right living. Correcting this worng patha nd road at an early stage is critical to the survival of the individual. It is no longer the survival of the fittest, but the ensuring that, we are all out to help those who have made the poor decisions of travelling the wrong road. If we are doing the right thing by helping others we prosper and gain in the happiness department by sharing the love of right thinking around to learn to love and cherish others for the pursual of peace and happiness in their lives and then also henceforth and so on in our own lives for the continual right thinking and the right path of decision making and direction taking. Love, peace, joy, kindness and goodness are all fruits that we need to pursure for the eternal happiness of all. We should no longer walk a self destructive path once we have seen the light and therefore continue in this new and right direction of peace and happiness for all. The consequences of wrong or bad decision making are or can be horrendous, but with early retrival of the wrong doers thinking, for a correct and right path that can once again be made and started in order to further and future continue in the right direction forever. This is the right and required path and desired result of the work we are doing to help and assist others see the light of the right path of the correct direction in life for making choices. The right path could be the write path which is picked up and recognised by experience and endurement that they to who have learnt right decision making can then inturn lead and guide and instruct others in the path of right decsion making for the right and critical path of success.

14 Onward And Upward

Onward and upward is the once corrected path of right thing and direction taking to continue in that direction forever. Onward and upward, higher and higher in our thinking, the sky is the limit and some are even prepared to go above and beyond that. To shrink back into wrong thinking is not only a backward step but adverse to the onward and upward style of right thinking. In the ever present reality of the world in which we live in it is important and imperative to always trya nd strice for the onward and upward way or style of thinking, never seetling for second best or accepting the choice below what is best for our lives and right way of thinking. Heaven holds the key to onward and upward thinking and it is this desire and goal should we choose to accept is our heavenly calling of doing and saying the right things. In fact we can even go further than that, to what is paradise which means destroying all the hellish thoughts and ways of thinking to lead and head us into this world of paradise thinking and thoughts. Where peace is eternal and everlasting, where heaven is real everyday as much as hellis cast out and our world is a paradise heaven everyday. Earth traps and niceties are choices we are making all the time and this is the reality of living. We must learn to become content with what we have uintil we are ready to take the next step into what is considered as Gods right calling. The treasures of heaven and the material psosessions of earth or not diametrically opposed altogether, but go hand in hand with right thinking and right decision making in what is the logical steps of the path of if we pursue the path of pacing ourselves and continueing in the right direction of a bit at a time, day by day working for a bit more and then when you have too much or enough, giving some away to others who need it and find it hard to find the right path of the road to correct thinking. Greed is never going to win and we need to be aware of giving to others at nearly all times. For the reality is that all we own belongs to someone else sometime down the track anyway, one way or another, at the right time and the right place we will pay others for what we want and what we have with what we have got. Seeing the need to give to others is also a priority for right thinking and the new right decision making for the purpose of kingdom harmony. Peace and plenty for all to be shared around and cherished by all who accept to make the right choices.Think clear and concise by being in the place to make right decisons of the onward and upward.

15 Keep Going Along

Keep going along the road and journey of life as the quick are soon to stray and the path is difficult and narrow. The task then is to stay on tracka nd follow the right way. Look for the signs and choose wisely as many mistakes come from snappy and sudden decisions that can knock you off your horse and leave you destitute and wound up off cource.Take time for the direction in which you take and follow the line and go the distance in order to claim the victory. Keep going along the straight and narrow as the road to hell is wide and as we know, few find the path to life. Once again heaven is the final destination found buy finding the treasure of eternal life. We must choose and path wsiely while here on earth though, listen to thiose who know what is right and learn to seek people like that who give you good advise and wise councilling and guidance. Sure we have to sit down and regroup to make sure that we have not strayed too far and that we are making sure and certain that we are staying on track of the path in the direction that we should be taking. Once we have regrouped and eecided that we are on the right path it is a matter of just to be keep going along and enjoying the fruits or our wise decision and the joy of the destination we are travelling to or have trevelled to. For when the road gets cold and darka nd windy we ahve to be sure that we are not easily mislead or waylayed in the wrong direction.To go the distance we simply have to stay on tracka nd keep going along the path to reach the goal and get there in the distance, The distance is what we are travelling and aiming for all the time and the short cuts that make life easier and really just the hard way of falling short of the goal of going the distance. So we have the case scenario of distance and direction for our aims and goals and plans, by recognising the right and wrong ways and paths to take. Go the distance and keep going along the path of life to reach your ultimate home in heaven where life is eternal and rust and moth don't let us see decay. Trust God and look at time as a spectrum of ligt where the health and happpiness of the person is found in the right place and direction of correct choices and good decisions. Keep going along the road of life and don't stop for anything or anyone except to meet a freind and get some rest. Look for God in all the right places and expect to find him wherever He is. 

16 Maintain Stability

Mainttain stability in your life by being wise and persitent in seeking the kingdom of God. Maitaining stability is about staying on track once you have found the correct path. it is about keeing and staying wll and beinga nd remaining healthy once you have optimized the health in your life. When problems and trioubles are minimized to a day by stay selection of critical decision making with minimal choices in situations as you have made a solid bed for you to lie in and you have found the treasures of heaven in which you seek. With these treasures of heaven use those talents wisely and productively in order to reinvest them in the kingdom of heaven. Maintaining stability is anout having control and power in your life to live wisely and help others with your well earned and accquired knowledge. It is about staying on the right path as we have said before but will strongly reiterate it again. Maintaining stability is about having your own little mountain in which to build your house upon there, where the floods or turmoil and strife in life are kept abey and out of reach. It is about consolidating on what collection you have and using your gifts by putting them back into place where they can be useful to other by what you do, say and read or write. Stay out of reach of danger and bad influences wherever possible. Use your time wisely and effectively to reinvest in life building ideas, where you can instill positive thoughts into other peoples lives. maintain stability by helping others as nothing is more productive than reinvestinga nd utilizing your skills and time to help others find th e right track to get along the road of life where they to can have and maintain stability. This can be financial security where you can offer advice on what to do with your money or just a state of well being where you as the doctor or pyscologist can help others to get well. Maintaining stability is also so very important as it is always still too easy to go off track again and find the wrong road instead of the road to life. Recognise the sign individually and double check with others to make sure that you are staying on track of the right path for maintaining stability. matain stability at all costs whether right or worng as a sound mind and right way are of thinking is always worthwhile and trustworthy and praiseworthy.

17 Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is about getting our persepctive right on life. It is about dreaming for better things and realizing them through prayer and committment. It is also about imagining what is best for our lives and the lives or others and it is about productive achievement through the visionary exercise of well thoughtout ideas. Creative thinking is for all who wisha nd desire to be successful and it is about working towards the manufacturing of productive resources. Creative thing can be challenging and stimulating and the effort is always worth the drift in thinking. Being creative is having and using the fruit of life to explain and expound on meaning through thinking and it is about obtaining achievement in the attaining of your goals. But first we must learn and dare to dream as new ideas are the product and result of creative thinking. Creative thinking is coming up with better ideas than what has been before, it is learning how to use your brain and understand your mind through thinking. Creative thinking is about knowledge of understanding what is best in life and finding out how or knowing to obtain that result. It is more than being as simple as one and one is two.Two and two are definitely four but we can't limit ourselves to mathematical equations we must invest in the unknown by dreaming with the use of creative thinking. If we want newer and better cars, machinery, planes, trains, ships and houses with state of the art appliances, we must use creative thinking to streamline our ideas and channel our thoughts into new and innovative conceptions and things. Cutting pictures out to fill a scrap book or sewing tapestries or painting a picture and drawing sketches or for photographic exhibitions, are all good examples of creative thinking. Don't be satisfied with the accepted all the time, stability is good but we must be creative to advance in life. Being proactive is monetarially sane, as when we are utilizing our time wisely we are being creative through being productive. If God can be ceate the earth in seven days, then we must use our weeks to be creative too, to recontribute back into society and reinvest in the world that we are given, this is the real and true nature of being creative and using our minds with the brains we were given to reinvest in our world to take it from the way it is to the way that it should be.

18 Actual Results

Attaining actual results is what counts and are all that really matters in the overall picture and scheme of things. When we are doing productive tasks and accoplishing things for a better world then we are attaining actual results. This is done by showing a concerted effort and taking a solid and right direction in our work to get through the day, to achieve actual results by the end of it. Actual results are the fruuit or all our efforts and the example of what can be done with a right mind and positive objectives being set. Like the pride that comes from finishing writing a book and the achievement of the accomplisment of fullfilling the goal to write the book, so is the completion the actual result of that accomplisment. Finishing a prized work or contributing back to society that has blessed you over the years and finding the redefinition of the change in reality through working accomplishments is the actual result of hard work and can be measured in the gift of reaching the of achievenment that task through dedicated committment and perserverance. It has indeed something to be proud of, in that the fruition of the fullfillment of the job was accomplished and fullfilled.The desired time of achieving the actual results of accomplishment is irrelevant, however the sooner the task is fullfilled the sooner you can get on with the next job. The task or job can not be put at jeopardy by time restraints or the need to rush to finish which can mean sloppy workmanship or a second rate job being finished. Once again we must persist and perservere in all tasks and objectives in order to meet the desired result of fullfilled accopmplisments to aquire the desired actual results of finishing the work. Money is only the means that justifies the end and is not the product of the work, though it can be used to measure quality and final actual results as an incentive, it is only a qualitaive value given for the work. Once we finalize the work or job we have an end to the aim, goal and plan and that is what is really the actual results of the effort. So now we have the aquired actual results of this effort. 


19 Don't Look Behind

20 What Have You Got To Lose

21 One Step At A Time

22 Gradual Improvement

23 This Will Do Me For Now

24 God Is Always Right


25 The First Priority

26 A Management Principle

27 Everything Has A Cost

28 Please Pay The Price

29 Thankyou Anyway

30 Maybe A Bit More


31 This Goes With That

32 That's Always Left Up To God

33 It Is Nice To Say Thankyou

34 Ask In The Right Way

35 Get What You Want

36 I Am Always Right


37 Sit To The Right Hand Side

38 It's On Both Sides

39 Night And Day

40 Sun And Sin

41 Male And Female

42 Still Always Right


43 Tomorrow Never Comes

44 Well Until Then

45 When I Ask I Receive

46 Really Believe


47 Courship

48 Engagement

49The Wedding

50 Providing An Income

51 Duty Of Care

52 Maintaining The House

53 Out In The Garden


54 Bringing Up Children

55 Raising A Family

56 The Joy of Children Succeeding

57 Advancing The Family Of God

58 Church And School For Kids

59 The Family Relationship With God

60 A Godly Marriage